Needle Felting Tutorial

Two months ago I tried needle felting for the first time. It was easier than I’d imagined. I learned that having the right tools really does help. I also discovered that in spite of my concerns, my 4-year-old was able to do it, and she really enjoyed it.

In the past couple of months we’ve made felted food, felted fairies, felted butterflies and leaves and trees. I like felting because you can finish a project really quickly. In under 30 minutes you can create something beautiful, even as a beginner. You’re basically just poking fibre over and over and over – this is not a skill that takes years to master. While practice does help, compared to crafts like knitting or sewing there isn’t much of a learning curve and you can dive right in.

Felted flowers

Recently, I’ve been all about the felted flowers. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but they’re pretty. I was thinking that I could hot glue them to a barrette or sew them to a sweater or scarf. Right now, though, the use is less important than the making.

Because I want to share the felting love, I made a little how-to video. In it, I make a felted flower. It’s fun! It’s not that long! I say um a lot! Check me out:

(If you are reading this in an email or a reader you may need to visit the original post to see the video.)

After the video I trimmed the leaves and centre of the flower slightly with a pair of scissors. I also added a bit more pink fibre to the petals. But that’s it. Easy-peasy, I promise. The whole thing took me about 7 minutes from start-to-finish, and it would have taken less time if I hadn’t been so busy saying ‘um’ over and over and over.

Pink felted flower

If you’re really interested in felting but would like some hands-on instruction, many local yarn stores and arts centres offer classes. They’re usually single workshops, because felting just does not require ongoing instruction so much. If you’re looking for classes here in the Vancouver area my good friend teaches classes at Baaad Anna’s and Black Sheep Yarns. I can vouch for her, because she taught me.

Happy felting!

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  1. Really? that’s all there is to it?! I always thought it was like knitting or crocheting (which I am constitutionally unable to do, although I have tried many, many times). This is great! I would really love to make some felt fruits and veggies for my son.
    .-= Sarah´s last post ..Nine months =-.

  2. I love those! A group of friends just had a felt playfood swap, I bet these would have been a hit. I’ll have to perfect a few food items for next year’s swap 🙂
    .-= Dionna´s last post ..Ho Ho Ho, How Do You Santa? =-.

  3. Lydia, Clueless Crafter says:

    I actually think needle felting is a really cool craft and something I could do! What I really like about felt is its versatility, its durability. Felt is used to buffer sound and can even be worked into a piece of furniture. I think you would have enjoyed an exhibit on last spring at the Cooper Hewitt museum, which was ALL about the possibilities of felt.

    Anyways, have you tried felting onto an old blanket? To give it an embellishment?

  4. I LOVE this tutorial, Amber, and it’s so nice to hear your voice! You got me totally hooked on needle felting with your amazing video tutorial (did you put it together?!) and as my husband is going to be in the US next week, I’m going to get him to buy me a needle felting tool. Would you tell me exactly what kind/brand? (I think you mentioned it in a previous post, but your linkwithin didn’t pick it, and I don’t remember how long ago it was). Thank you!
    PS and I love any crafting for moms that puts babies to sleep:)
    .-= Francesca´s last post ..Corner View ~ Evening =-.

  5. Oh, I love needle felting! I tried it this summer and was so pleased with myself, I opened an Etsy shop! I’ve even sold some of my little creations!

    I tend to felt the wool tighter, so my little guys usually take about an hour each (due to more poking-HA HA). I just sold a Samuel Whiskers (from Beatrix Potter’s Tale of the Roly Poly Pudding) to a woman in Europe–my first international sale!!

    How do you like using the brush-like felting surface? I use foam–and bare felting needles (without a handle). I’ve even procured some raw wool I need to wash & comb into roving–as soon as I beat this ridiculous cancer, I’ll have to do that, eh?

  6. They’re so deliciously fuzzy! I think they’d be awesome stuck on anything! Maybe I’ll get one for my Dad’s moustache.
    .-= Allison´s last post ..***********Wordless Wednesdays: Be Careful What You Wish For =-.

  7. I always wondered how that was done.
    (of course I never inquired either)
    .-= *pol´s last post ..It’s been a while =-.

  8. Cool! I was waiting for you to post this video. I didn’t understand how to mix the colours but I now I see. I like the egg. I really like felt food and now I can see a whole world of wool food opening up before me.
    .-= Marilyn´s last post ..Where’s the Pesto? =-.

  9. I like the video. Needle felting is something I think my girls’ will like…and since the close up shows you wearing a Band-Aid it adds an element of danger…so it’s a manly enough craft for Daddy’s too 🙂

    Seriously, great video!

    (you said “um” 113 times…I counted…just kidding 🙂

  10. I love your tutorial! I’ve been wondering how it’s done since I bought a beautiful felted ball for the baby (made by local artists in Orcas Island).
    .-= Lady M´s last post ..Maybe You Should Rethink that Slogan =-.

  11. Great video. Someone has some skills I see! Watching this has given me a lot more confidence in being able to do this. I just didn’t know the first thing about what the tools looked like or anything. So THANK YOU for this video. Super duper helpful. I think I’m gonna go tweet this for the second time!

  12. I knit and felt purses and am looking at doing some needle felted embelishments on the purses. Not sure what I need or how to do it as yet but very interesting

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