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It’s Mat Leave Monday! After a few weeks of fairly weighty subjects, I’m taking a walk on the lighter side. I’m making some personal resolutions for 2009, to help make the most of what’s left of my maternity leave. I would hate to find myself sitting back at my desk at work, wishing I’d done more with my government-paid leave of absence.

Make (and keep) a budget
Jon and I are savers by nature. We keep an eye on where our money is going, and are not generally prone to impulse purchases. Every month or two we sit down and calculate how much money has come into and gone out of our various accounts. However, we’ve never really had a budget. Maybe we’ve planned for the big stuff, like renovations and vacations, but never for ordinary purchases like kid’s clothes or food. If we actually wrote out a budget, and lived within it, we could probably reduce our spending and use the savings to pay down our mortgage faster. Plus, we are living on a reduced income while I’m on maternity leave, and we want to make sure that we don’t overspend.

Exercise at least twice a week
I’m going to re-enroll in my Salsa Babies class once it starts up again in January. And I’d like to re-start my regular walks once the snow that is making my neighbourhood impassable melts. I need to keep active to keep up with my kids, and I also feel better when I’m exercising regularly. Plus, you know, I’m still carrying around some extra postpartum pounds. Fun stuff!

Do more cooking with Hannah
Hannah loves to cook, and not just chocolate chip cookies – pie, bread, pizza, chicken, you name it. When I let go of my expectations and go with the flow it’s actually lots of fun, and I know that she’s learning about food and building lifelong memories. She’s also more willing to try food she’s prepared herself. Of course we can cook together even when I’m working, but right now my attention is less divided, so I can tackle projects that I would be loathe to undertake when I’m doing the corporate thing. And cooking food from scratch is cheaper and more nutritious, which helps with the budget and the baby weight, too.

Hannah enjoys the apple that she prepped with our fantastic gadget

Hannah enjoys the apple that she prepped with our fantastic gadget

Get a haircut
My last visit to the salon was over 6 months ago, when I was around 7 months pregnant. With Jacob exclusively breastfeeding, something like a hair appointment becomes a massive logistical undertaking. But I will do it! I do love a haircut.

Manage my time more effectively
I have been spending a lot of time on the computer these days. We have no TV and we’ve been more or less snowed in for more than a week. I need to come up with a plan that allows me to visit my favourite blogs and websites, write my own posts, and not neglect my family. I recently subscribed to a whole whack of blogs via Google Reader so that I can see at a glance who’s posted recently. And I’ve also been scheduling my posts, so when inspiration hits and I have time I can pound out several entries that will show up later. Beyond that, I think I will set time limits and maybe specific computer times.

Get crafty!
When I was pregnant I was on a bit of a domestic tear, knitting, sewing, and preserving food. A lot of it was hormonally-induced nesting, but I also enjoy making things with my hands. Especially things that my kids can wear or play with. I’d like to do at least one project a month this year. Maybe I’ll set up a gallery like I did in 2007 so that you can all see what I’ve been up to.

Take a family vacation
I’m not working, Jacob is portable, and Hannah loves to sleep in new and exciting places. What better time could there possibly be to pack the whole family into the car and head for Vancouver Island? OK, maybe right now isn’t the best time, but I persist in my belief that summer will come our way again. 😉

There you have them, my maternity leave resolutions. What are yours?

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  1. I’m still thinking… traditionally I’ve not made resolutions until into February. I test out the year first – how does it feel? what is it bringing? One year, by February I’d decided I’d do one thing each month, have one experience, that I’d never done before. That was because by February I’d already done two things I’d never done before. What an exciting year that was! So, stay tuned…

  2. I LOVE making resolutions! It’s the ultimate “list” and I’m a list lover. 🙂
    Thatsiad, I don’t have them done yet…haven’t had a lot of time to myself with the kids home for the holidays. I’ll probably get to my resolutions once they’ve gone back to school…

  3. Ooh, sounds like it’s time for Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac — a year’s worth of intriguing knitting projects in EZ’s inimitable style. I have a copy coming from Knitpicks; I’ll let you have a gander at it when it comes.

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