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I remember when I joined Twitter. My husband had belonged for a while – maybe a year, even. He’s an early adopter like that. But me? I resisted. With every ounce of my strength, I resisted. I was convinced that it would be a huge time suck. Also, I didn’t really get Twitter. No one does, until they’ve used it for a while.

Eventually I succumbed to the lure of social media and set up my Twitter account. And I was right – it is kind of a time suck, although I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a huge one. But it’s also 15 kinds of awesome with awesomesauce on top. It’s the best way I know to find your tribe and connect with like-minded people. I’m glad I succumbed to the lure.

Lookit, my iPhone arrived!

Jon also beat me to the punch when he bought himself an iPhone a few years ago. I didn’t want one. I chose a plain old regular phone because I didn’t really get the smart phone thing. Plus, I was convinced that it would be a tremendous time suck and I would never interact with my family again. Not to mention that they’re kind of expensive and stuff. I remained smug and aloof in the face of the fancy phone.

iPhone in iBox

But those iPhone 4s sure are shiny. Really, really shiny. And they do all kinds of fancy things. My 4-year-old completely non-smart cell phone was suddenly a lot less exciting in comparison. Especially after Jon let me play with his iPhone during a long car ride (I was a passenger, we don’t iPhone and drive). I am a staunch PC user, but I couldn’t resist this piece of Apple technology.

So. Shiny.

Jon called our cell phone carrier in mid-July and worked out a deal so we could get ourselves some new iPhones. The phones were released in Canada on July 30, and we were hoping to nab one. But no dice – Jon was 12th in line at our local mall and they had 10 phones. Fine, we could wait a couple of weeks. But two weeks later there were still no phones. And two weeks after that. Jon’s old iPhone was becoming old and creaky, and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge. I was becoming increasingly impatient, myself.

Me, reflected in the shiny

Finally, at the end of August we were able to order a couple of phones from our carrier. Only they didn’t ship. And when they finally did, they shipped without a sim card. The iPhone 4 has a newer, smaller sim card, so our existing cards were useless and the phones were useless without them. More calling. More waiting in lines. More debating. And after all that calling and waiting in lines and wrangling and going to the store, right after we finally tracked down sim cards, two new cards arrived in the mail. No shipping notification, no heads-up of any kind. Good times!

As I type right now, my phone, my preshus baybee, is upstairs charging. It has a sim card that Jon moved heaven and earth to secure, and a spare still in the envelope. And I am waiting to find out how addictive this new piece of technology really is, and whether it’s worth all the hype and effort to get one. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. After all, I’ll be totally connected ALL THE TIME now, thanks to the iPhone.

Do you have a smart phone? Are you addicted? Or are you happy with an old phone, or no phone at all? Tell me all about it!

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  1. me need iPhone…

  2. That’s so funny! I resisted joining Twitter, and guess who convinced me to join? You, Ms. Strocel! HA HA! And guess what? I’m so happy you did.

    Anyway, the IPhone rocks. I wish I could get one. But I have T-Mobile. Actually Wil has one, that’s “un-locked.” But they are ridiculously hard to get.

    What cell carrier do you have?

    YAY for the IPhone!
    Old School/New School Mom’s last post … F You Hormones!My Profile

  3. I want the iPhone4…. have to wait though…

  4. Hello, my name is Tanya and I don’t Twitter or have a cell phone. I’m actually writing this reply from the past.
    All kidding aside, I just don’t have time for Twitter although I am mildly interested in how it works. And there have been times when I wanted a cell phone but can’t see paying for a home phone and a mobile phone. We have OnStar in our van which has the capability to call people hands free and that works for us!

    I’m glad you finally got your cell phone…ugh so much hassle!
    Tanya’s last post … An incredible journeyMy Profile

  5. I hate my cell phone. But I just can’t justify buying a new phone when in reality I NEVER use the one I have. My cell used to be my life but now it is regulated to an “emergency phone”


    Oh well, I will just enjoy my non-phone call taking iPod Touch

  6. I have always been interested in the iphone but sadly I can not seem to justify spending the money. However I did break down and get a blackberry about 2 months ago and I love it. I don’t know how I lived with out it until now!!

    I was also a hold out on twitter but I am so happy that I have joined it is great to hear what other mamas are up to and their thoughs of raising little ones!
    Kirstin’s last post … Quest for KnowledgeMy Profile

  7. I love my iPhone. In that “sleep with it beside the bed; in my hand constantly” kind of way. Let me count the ways:

    I keep track of all my health stuff on it (blood glucose, weight, Blood pressure, cycles, all that important stuff as we focus on expanding our family). I keep track of all my appointments on it. I get my email, I Twitter, I FaceBook. It is my computer when I don’t have time to sit at one, or I am on the run. I can keep up with personal stuff without using my work computer. I can read my RSS feeds with an app that connects to Google Reader. I keep track of “authors to read”, and am on the search for a good book inventory app.

    My son plays “bouncy ball” and some kiddie tunes on special apps I downloaded for him. YouTube is my saviour when we have crankiness (tractors and Thomas OH MY!). This is also great on long car rides or in line at the store. Flash cards are fun, and the baby piano makes cool noises.

    I have Scrabble on it, which I ♥ with the passion of a thousand suns. No one will play Scrabble with me (hubby says he hates getting soundly thrashed all the time), so this is my solace. Angry Birds is fun, and addictive. Monopoly is hard to win. Solitaire is my guilty timesuck.

    It is my iPod, and my walk tracker (I use RunKeeper, it rocks). It is the impromptu camera when my family is being cute, or we just have to have a picture of something-or-other. I can look up movie times for Friday night dates, and get directions to that place we’ve never been but want to go. It saved our butts in Atlantic City! (we got sooooo lost).

    I read books on it (KOBO app), I have a noise making app that makes pitter-patter rain to help me fall asleep. CBC has a great app to download podcasts, and I ♥ the Ottawa OCTranspo Transitway app so we know when the next bus is coming.

    Oh, and its a great phone too, heh… Safe to say it has become a great social interaction tool for me, an organizer, and mini-computer. The only thing I don’t do on it is write, since the keyboard is much too small and would drive me nutty. I want an iPhone 4, but I have to wait until they are less expensive, and I can upgrade.

    FYI, if you go to the States, get a roaming package. Otherwise, your bill will give you a coronary. We went to PA, then to Atlantic City, then home, used our phones frugally, and it was still $900 for text, voice, and data combined on both my iPhone and hubby’s BlackBerry. Ouch. Thanks Rogers…..

  8. as a recent smartphone adopter too, i wish you well in your new journey. i don’t have a data plan, just use the wireless when available, and got it unlocked so i’m still on my old (cheap) fido plan.
    so far it’s been a real awakening ….. and i haven’t used it that much. i’m resisting plugging in while i’m with wee guy out and about (cos i don’t want to be ‘that mum’) but being able to access the family calendar on the hoof (yes, we finally have a reason to keep on online!) will be stellar.
    i was happy with my old cell but, at 7y, it was starting to show its limitations so i needed to renew. my decision process went from ‘ooh maybe an LG Xenon so I can browse and text on a data plan’ to ‘must have android 2.1 wireless capability’ plus the price tag. after i did the maths on data plans for smartphones, and as long as the new cell keeps going for a few years, buying unlocked but wireless made sense 🙂

    PS: i’m printing out Caroline’s comment above for some smartphone tips – can she write a guest blog post on starting up in the wireless world pls??
    pomomama’s last post … self portrait thursday- multi tasking the day awayMy Profile

  9. I haven’t joined twitter for the same reasons you resisted. I already waste far too much time on Facebook!
    The Hubs is getting me a smart phone as my birthday present – all I have to do now is pick one out! I do have mixed feelings about being connected AT ALL TIMES, as well as how much higher my monthly bill will end up being, but we’ll see. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you!
    Amanda’s last post … Wordless Wednesday WorthyMy Profile

  10. …..precious….

    hahahaha, you are hillarious.

    And yes. I love my iPhone. Love my iPhone. Love my iPhone.
    As do my children.

    It’s the age of technology, man.
    kelly @kellynaturally’s last post … Sparkly Shoe SagaMy Profile

  11. I’ve tried, but just can’t get the nack of Twitter… Maybe I haven’t done it long enough?? Anyway, I too have a smartphone; mines a Blackberry. LOOOVE it!! Great blog.
    Karen Munro’s last post … Adaptations for kindergartenMy Profile

  12. I resisted Twitter too, but got convinced and now I use it a lot and essentially post a few pictures here and there on Facebook for my mom’s benefit. I have had an iPhone for over a year and it has quickly become essential. I like how it works, I love that it backs up, I like that I can add stuff. I mean, I’m here in the relative dark ages of 3GS but I do quite love my phone and have learned I cannot live without it. And I know I haven’t even unlocked a third of it’s secrets. 🙂 Welcome to the dark side.
    Jen’s last post … LatelyMy Profile

  13. I’m a love/hater on all things technological. Love it one minute; hate it the next. But my crummy cell phone is dead, so someone really should secure me an iphone. Please and thank you. Can I just put that request out to the universe so I don’t actually have to call FIDO, which is my definition of purgatory.

    Your truly,

    Phoneless in yvr.
    harriet Fancott’s last post … Searching for Jane- Finding MyselfMy Profile

  14. iPhones really are super awesome! That’s where it’s at for me 😉

  15. I have an iPhone, but after only 1.5 years I’m needing a new one. Mine is “old” now and it’s SO slow since I downloaded the new software. Your post is tempting me to go and get the shiny new iPhone 4…. darn it. I might just do it!

  16. Considering that we don’t have a land line and our main phone is my cell you’d think I would have an iPhone but I don’t. I thought I did, but then it fell through. And then I thought I did again, and that didn’t work out either. And now I really really want one and I’m very jealous of yours.
    Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)’s last post … How I Survived A Plane Trip With KidsMy Profile

  17. I still don’t get Twitter — Facebook and blogging are enough for me. And I have no desire for an iPhone. But I thought we didn’t need a PVR or a laptop either, and I love those (and my husband for buying them). Essentially I have no principles. I’m a bit wary of all the bad Apple customer service stories I’ve heard lately though.
    allison’s last post … The Obligatory Back-to-School PostMy Profile

  18. you are totally right about Twitter

  19. I love my iPhone. So much I took it into the bathroom with me. I dropped said iPhone in toliet. It still worked but the screen was very dim. I dropped said iPhone in toliet again. It still worked but I thought I would wait until the new iPhone4 came out before I would replace it. I went to apple 3 weeks after the release of the iPhone 4 and there were still people lining up for it. I just swapped my for a new one of my old iPhone 3Gs. My friend got the new iPhone 4. I should have gotten the new iPhone 4. It’s awesome. The camera has a flash, and then you can swap which side you want the camera to shoot from. Making those pictures of yourself with the kids a lot easier. I love that feature. Have you and your husband tried the video to video calling?

    Just drooling over here.
    NaomiJesson’s last post … Wednesday of a Few WordsMy Profile

  20. I too waited for twitter and now I’m WAY more active on it then my hubby, lol! I don’t gave the iPhone 4 but I do have the 3GS and love it! Not sure why I waited so long to get one (I’ve only had it since the beginning of August) except that they cost…alot. I love that I can phone, text message, Facebook, twitter, email, play games, check google reader, listen to music and update my blog all on one handheld device! And my husband would tell you that I don’t even utilize half the functions, lol! How did I ever manage before this thing?? 🙂
    Jenn’s last post … Leaving On A Jet PlaneMy Profile

  21. I have an iphone. My hubby got it for me for Valentine’s Day. I love my iphone. My iphone is precious. It is the best thing ever.
    I am on twitter. I do not tweet alot of messages but I love that I can go on twitter and I know instantly what is going on the world by reading tweets. There are always tweets on news, sports and entertainments and it is a quick way to catch up with the news.
    Lisa’s last post … Life BookMy Profile

  22. Congrats on your new toy! I’ve had an iphone for a couple years now and am looking forward to upgrading to the new version for the video function! So awesome to have video on my cell phone to capture little kid snippets without being all, “WAIT, let me get the video camera!” because the moment is always passed by the time I return to the room. Anyway, I still am not sure I like Twitter. And though I’ve been using it for a couple months now I do think it is a complete waste of time.

  23. I totally want one. I’m jealous. My last phone switch sounds as difficult as yours was. These are the things that keep me with my boring phone. La sigh.
    Laura’s last post … Living Art- Bulb Planning and Treefest!My Profile

  24. I’d love to have an iphone, and am mainly interested in the look (yes!) and in the camera, since my little old point&shoot camera that I’d take with me everywhere died. However, I can’t justify the expense. So, I’m using an unreliable Sony Ericsson (the worst cell phone ever made), and no point&shoot.
    Twitter … I believe it’s unnecessary as well as a time suck, but it’s probably also fun, and I’m willing to give it a try starting this week.
    Francesca’s last post … foundMy Profile

  25. I love my iphone!! I’ve had one for about a year and a half and am seriously considering upgrading to the iphone4 just so I can use facetime! We were in the US when the ipad was released too so we scooped up one of those bad boys and it’s just as great!! I never really use my wordpress app for blogging but I can approve comments and such so it’s still really handy. I admit though that I now check facebook about 12 thousand times a day…(shamelessly shaking head)
    Haven’t joined the twitter bandwagon though, no plans to either.
    Jenn’s last post … Cilantro Salsa Baby!!My Profile

  26. We resisted getting a smart phone for the longest time. Actually, we resisted getting a cell phone for the longest time!

    But I kept getting lost, and the idea of having navigation built in … ah! And Sam wanted to look things up for our business while we were out shopping. One day, we passed the T-Mobile store at the mall and walked out several minutes later with an HTC MyTouch Slide. We were as surprised as anybody. And, golly gee, is it the funnest thing ever ever. I never let Sam use it. I’m quite obnoxious about it, popping it out all the time. I check my email, I tweet, I play sudoku. A lot of sudoku.

    It’s funny, because we’re staunch Apple users in all other aspects, but we didn’t want to switch mobile carriers!
    Lauren @ Hobo Mama’s last post … Cloth diapers for apartment dwellersMy Profile

  27. I LOVE my iPhone! I also upgraded from an ancient non-smart phone, so it was such a big jump forward. Plus, try the Blowfish game – cute sealife!
    Lady M’s last post … Accidentally On PurposeMy Profile

  28. I really don’t remember what life was like before my iPhone. I have our school and DJ gig schedules, years worth of my kids’ photos, 6 email inboxes, TweetDeck for Twitter, grocery list, notes, games, facebook, IMDB, SoundHound (best app ever), music, videos, more games. Sometimes I even use it to call people! My husband and I both have 3Gs which we purchased at the same time, he rather reluctantly. He didn’t think he needed more than a phone that could text, but now he’s almost as bad as I am with adding apps. The best thing is, when you back it up and keep it synced with your computer, you don’t have to worry about losing data and contact info. I recently had to have my phone wiped and restored and didn’t lose a single bit of important information.

    I’m looking forward to upgrading to the iPhone 4 soon and can’t wait to use the greatly improved camera.
    Fran’s last post … Save 30 on Baby SuppliesMy Profile

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