My Kindergartner

first day of kindergarten

Sitting on the carpet on the first day of kindergarten

At long last, kindergarten is well and truly underway for my son Jacob. Two days in, it seems to be going well. He’s been to the computer lab, found his cubby, enjoyed playtime, and waved at his sister outside on the playground. While there’s no denying that he’s one of the smallest students in the school, especially with a birthday late in the year, the whole thing is driving home to me just how very big he’s getting.

I can see how much Jacob has grown in just the past few months since school ended in June. He can keep up with his sister better than he could before summer vacation started. His balance is better and his legs are longer. He’s also getting better at explaining himself, and he’s started drawing. He’s even experimenting with printing, and while his sister started reading a little later, his early literacy skills are increasing with leaps and bounds. It’s as if, with the start of formal schooling, he’s decided to go and grow up right before my eyes.

Super Jacob kid art 5 year old

This says “Super Jacob”

You might think that with my baby starting school, I’m feeling wistful and a little sad. I was last week, but not so much now. There are some serious perks to having two kids in full-time public school. I’m not paying for daycare anymore, and I don’t have to juggle two drop-offs and pick-ups. My son’s increasing independence is also making my life easier. He chooses his own clothes and gets dressed by himself. He puts his lunch in his backpack, and then carries it all to school. There is parental freedom in having school-age children. I have more time to myself during the day, and while I’m still trying to catch up on the work backlog that developed over summer vacation, I can see that this will make my life easier in many ways.

It’s amazing, watching your children grow up and become their own people. It kind of sneaks up on you, so that you don’t notice it until one day, you look at your kid and see a totally different child. A child who can do more, say more and understand more. An awesome little person that you’re proud to know.

My son is in kindergarten, and he’s getting bigger every day. I’m so glad that I have a front row seat on his life. I’m looking forward to what this next chapter in my life as a parent holds.

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  1. I have found that having my children become more their own people has given me the ability to get more of me back…the old me, with the new improved mommy skills added in for flavour! We are all growing up at the same time.

    Enjoy your time alone – and don’t forget to do nothing sometimes.
    Heather’s last post … Girl TimeMy Profile

  2. I can’t keep them from growing, so why not embrace the bittersweetness of it all?
    Rachael’s last post … {this moment}My Profile

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