My Husband’s Olympics

I’ve mentioned a few times that my husband, the fabulous Jon, is working with the Olympics. He is working for Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) at the Pacific Coliseum, which is where Short Track Speed Skating and Figure Skating are being held. His job mostly consists of rolling re-plays after the action has finished. He does slow motion, so if you see a figure skating lift creep across your screen, Jon made it happen. International broadcasters, like CTV and NBC, pick up the OBS feed and then add commentary and some of their own footage, but the majority of coverage everywhere in the world comes from OBS.

The job is 18 days in a row, but most days aren’t awful. Jon generally leaves the house in the early afternoon and comes home in the evening after the kids are in bed. In contrast, most of his co-workers traveled from Ontario or Quebec to be here. This is probably the easiest way to cover the Olympics ever, driving to the hotel where his co-workers are staying and catching the shuttle with them every day, but still being on hand to help me take the kids to the doctor.

With his media credentials, Jon also has access to the Main Media Centre at Canada Place, and was able to get in to visit some of his friends that are working at the International Broadcast Centre where the TV studios for the international television rights-holders are located. He also spent some time wandering downtown, in the middle of the Olympic fun.

I have considered taking the children down to soak it in, but the idea of bringing 18-month-old Jacob, in particular, doesn’t appeal to me. Hannah and I will be attending the Closing Ceremonies on Sunday, so she and I will have our Olympic experience then. In the meantime, I am living vicariously through my husband.

A view of the International Broadcast Centre
International Broadcast Centre, exterior

Inside the International Broadcast Centre
International Broadcast Centre, interior

A view of the Canada Place sails
Main Media Centre, exterior

Inside the media centre / Canada Place
Main Media Centre, interior

Jon and the cauldron
Jon poses with the Olympic cauldron

Olympic rings in Vancouver Harbour
Olympic rings in the water off of Stanley Park

Olympic crowds on Granville Street
Crowds in downtown Vancouver

The seat from which Jon brings us OIympic highlights
Jon’s seat for the Olympics

Incidentally, Jon took these photos on Monday, February 22, which was also the day when Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the gold medal in ice dance. Jon got to be there to see our Canadian skaters receive their gold medals – lucky, lucky man!

PS – Have you read the posts from yesterday’s link-up? They’re great! And one is in French, which makes me feel very exotic and international. Oh la la!

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  1. What a fabulous experience for him! I’m also oozing jealousy that you’ll be going to the closing ceremonies. Enjoy!

  2. it all looks so amazing – i can’t imagine how fabulous it must be to actually be there and be a part of it.
    .-= Heather´s last post ..What Do You think Of Vlogging? =-.

  3. I have watched those crowds downtown and have wondered how to navigate that with children. I have never leashed either of the girls..even though I am sure some people wish I could have…but I think I would have to if I ventured downtown with them. Just too many people all wearing similar colours.

    Make a magical memory with Hannah at the closing ceramonies!
    .-= Heather´s last post ..Perfectionist Picasso =-.

  4. Ooh, you know an Olympic insider! Did he do the slow motion of that ski cross fall where she tumbled across the finish line? That was disturbing.
    .-= allison´s last post ..***************You are getting very sleepy…. =-.

  5. You get to see the Closing Ceremony!! Oh I’m just a little bit green over here. Maybe that one event will make all those husbandless nights of washing dishes worthwhile.
    .-= Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves´s last post ..An Excess of Questions (or I Got, Got, Got, Got No Time) =-.

  6. Amber that is SO cool!!
    .-= Dionna @ Code Name: Mama´s last post ..Get it Off Your Chest =-.

  7. Lucky Jon! How cool that he gets to have firsthand coverage of the Olympics! That’s really neat that you and Hannah will get to see part of the ceremonies. But I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to take Jacob!
    .-= Old School/New School Mom´s last post ..Fighting With Text Messaging =-.

  8. He is fabulous:)! And what an interesting job. We had a TV during our brief time away, but all the olympics coverage was on pay subscription, we could only watch the ski jumping. Lots of ski jumping. It must have been a perpetual replay. I won’t be seeing you during the closing ceremonies:(
    .-= Francesca´s last post ..In & out of these doors =-.

  9. Lucky guy 🙂 I’m hoping to see some of the Olympic wonderfulness tomorrow. Unless it is raining. I refuse to wander around downtown inthe rain :op

    Oh, and we are NOT taking our kids. No way would that be a fun time
    .-= Carrie´s last post ..Canada is kicking ASS!! =-.

  10. And now WE get to live vicariously. GREAT PHOTOS. And, I must say, your husband has THE COOLEST job. Lucky you going to the closing ceremonies! ENJOY!
    .-= Haley-O (Cheaty)´s last post ..The Questions – THEY CAME. =-.

  11. What an experience for your husband, and also a wonderful memory for you as a family. Was he working last night as Joannie Rochette won bronze? That was one of the most emotional medals of the games. Brave woman. If we could have afforded to go, we would be there, with our son, no matter if navigating the crowds got crazy. An Olympics! on home soil! We have been glued to our TV at night, and my son now screams “GOGOGO!!!” at the TV screen when there is a race or a run happening. He won’t be old enough to remember it, but I am hoping someday we will get to attend a games.

    as a side note, as I looked at the picture of your hubby in his booth, I smiled. I used to work for a company that likely makes some of the equipment your husband uses (here and in his daily job), Ross Video. Woot!

  12. That’s so neat! I love the pictures too. We have thought about going over a few times but I don’t think our girls would handle it. It *is* a once in a lifetime thing though so I wouldn’t be surprised if the hubby takes off this weekend to catch the last of all the spirit.
    .-= Melodie´s last post ..I’m Raising Vegetarian Children =-.

  13. Nice thing to put on the ole resume!

    Great pics, great experience, fantastic that you shared that with us!
    .-= *pol´s last post ..The sick and the salesman =-.

  14. That`s very cool! Lucky him and lucky you to see the closing ceremonies. Have fun!!!

  15. Cool! Thanks for sharing what he did – I enjoyed those skating slo-mo’s.
    .-= Lady M´s last post ..Pas de Pout =-.

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