My Happiness List: September 2013 Edition

I blogged my last personal happiness list over three months in June, before my kids got out of school for the summer. I’m feeling like it’s time to re-visit it, and remind myself about the things that are going well in my life. Who couldn’t use a little hit of positivity once in a while? There’s all kinds of research to show that it’s very good for you. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

Let’s get the joy party started, shall we?

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My Happy List

  1. Ripe autumn raspberries in my garden. They feel like a total gift as the days grow cooler and wetter.
  2. Having the opportunity to be part of successful Leading Moms event yesterday led by my fabulous and inspiring teammates Christine Pilkington and Bianca Bujan, plus way too many other people to mention.
  3. Licorice tea.
  4. A new knitting project – I’m finally trying out the Clapotis.
  5. A weekend retreat to look forward to on Friday, led by the amazing Joyelle Brandt.
  6. Real progress being made on my renovations, with the result that the sunroom in my kitchen is no longer scorching hot in summer and freezing cold in winter.
  7. The fact that my kids are finally starting to settle into their school routine and I am, too.
  8. Excellent dark chocolate.
  9. Fresh local apples.
  10. An impending blog upgrade, which will hopefully reduce all the technological frustration and allow me to post more often here.
  11. Fall TV. I’m already sucked in to Sleepy Hollow, and I’m eagerly anticipating the return of Parenthood, The Good Wife and Person of Interest.
  12. Sweaters and boots, which help to make up for the fact that summer is over.
  13. A kid-free trip to Tofino with my husband to look forward to in November. It will be my first time!
  14. The way my son cuddles up to me and says, “Mama, you are so cozy!”
  15. The way my daughter cartwheels wherever she goes. (We’ve set some ground rules – no cartwheeling in the street, in parking lots, or in Starbucks.)
  16. I’m starting tap dancing lessons this week. I’ve never done it before, and I’m pumped!

What about you – what’s on your happy list right now? I’d love to hear!

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  1. That entire post made me happy!

    I really love fall fruit and veg AND flowers … and leaves..

    BTW – the women in the scarf looks SO pleased and happy!
    harriet Fancott’s last post … Moment 13: Little FoxMy Profile

  2. I hope you love tap-dancing! I took lessons from age 8 to 18 and loved it. I still have my tap shoes and give them a whirl down in the basement every once in a while.

    I’m happy that my 8-year-old is becoming more independent in a very sensible, reasonably paced way, yet he still loves to spend time with me.

    I’m happy that my partner is finally building the loft in our son’s bedroom that we planned to build early in the summer, and that he is doing such an excellent job on it.

    I’m happy about days and days of shiny blue-sky weather here in Pittsburgh!
    ‘Becca’s last post … Why my kid never believed in Santa ClausMy Profile

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