My Happiness List: March 2014 Edition

I blogged my last personal happiness list some six months ago in September, before I embarked on my new adventures in post-secondary education. I’m feeling like it’s time to re-visit it, and remind myself about the things that are going well in my life. Who couldn’t use a little hit of positivity once in a while? There’s all kinds of research to show that it’s very good for you. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

Let’s get the joy party started, shall we?

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My Happy List

  1. Spring! It’s in the air! I’ve seen daffodils and ladybugs, and I’ve planted radishes and spinach and kale.
  2. Really good chocolate. Always.
  3. Herbal tea. My current faves are bergamot sage, and mint licorice.
  4. My education class, which is making me think in the best way, and which I’m enjoying a lot. I’m taking this as a good sign because I’m going back to school to study education.
  5. New purple tights.
  6. The way my son is learning to read, picking out words from signs and posters when we’re out and about.
  7. My daughter’s extreme enthusiasm over her spring break theatre camp. This tickles me pink, because my husband and I became high school sweethearts when we were both cast in the same school play.
  8. Once Upon a Time is back on TV. I heart Once Upon a Time.
  9. I’m keeping mason bees this year, and I’ll be putting them out soon, which is exciting.
  10. Regular acupuncture appointments.
  11. Knowing that my husband is always on my side.
  12. VSCO Cam. I am totally smitten with this app. It’s made me fall in love with iPhone photography all over again.
  13. Poached eggs and avocado for breakfast.
  14. The semester is almost over, which means semester break is almost here. Yes, the papers and exams and so on are hard, but it means the end is near!
  15. Living within easy walking distance of my kids school. I feel so lucky.
  16. Family support as I head back to school.

What about you – what’s on your happy list right now? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I actually went shopping for some new clothes this week, which I (too) rarely do. I bought colorful clothing, which I also (too) rarely do. So today! For this first day of spring! I’m wearing a purple scarf and (like you!) purple tights! How good it feels to wear a color that I love today! Because my goodness I was so frightened that this day would come and piles and piles of snow would remain on the ground. Not so! Instead, warmth, hurrah!
    Rachael’s last post … Happy Birthday, Little Gnome!My Profile

  2. Boots. I bought a new pair of knee high flat faux snake skin boots yesterday.
    Nails – I love having my nails done.
    Gardening – I don’t have time for it any more, but I have inspired my children and husband to love the dirt and they are planning our summer bounty now (and today it’s snowing, welcome Spring!).
    Employment – I am making a change in my employment and it’s exciting at the new opportunities coming my way (and I am grateful for the ones over the past 2 years in my current employment).
    Friends – I have been focusing more time one on one with my friends and it feels better. I know them better, and they know me better.

  3. Oooh! I love purple. If you like Once Upon A Time you need to come out to my neck of the woods, Steveston, and see how many places you recognize from Storybrooke.

    Everything about spring makes me happy. Knitting makes me happy, My kids make me happy. And my very sick kitty making a (slow) recovery makes me happy.
    christy’s last post … Felted Sweater BagMy Profile

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