My Happiness List: April 2013 Edition

Following my pity party yesterday, I’m feeling like it’s time to pause and count my blessings. And the perfect way to do that is to write my personal happiness list. I could really use the chance to focus on the things that are great in my life, which really are much higher in number than the things that aren’t, dental surgery notwithstanding.

Let’s get the joy party started, shall we?

my happy list daffodils

My Happy List

  1. A whole bunch of new books waiting for me on my iPad.
  2. Fresh, homemade chocolate ice cream in my freezer.
  3. The way my son puts his soft little hand on my cheek.
  4. Cherry blossoms and daffodils.
  5. A fuzzy red sweater to keep me warm on a chilly spring day.
  6. The way my husband’s eyes crinkle in the corners when he smiles.
  7. The fresh, clean smell that follows a rain shower.
  8. My Anne Boleyn tea cup, which I’m pretty sure is the best tea cup ever.
  9. Sweet little oranges.
  10. The way my daughter climbs trees and swings on monkey bars.
  11. The little seedlings, which are going strong in their seed-starting trays.
  12. Having too much work to do, which is really a positive sign.
  13. Anticipating my upcoming birthday.
  14. A sewing cupboard full of fabric just waiting for me to make something.
  15. The new shoes I bought myself last week.
  16. Rocking tunes to clean by, which (almost) make me enjoy washing dishes.
  17. Having the chance to work with people I genuinely like and respect.
  18. Dreaming summer vacation dreams.
  19. My mother, who turns, um, 39, today. Happy birthday, Mom!

What about you – what’s on your happy list right now? I’d love to hear!

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  1. April 9th is your moms birthday? My moms too!

    For many years I have worked hard at cultivating happiness each day in little ways. I love your list. It rocks.

    Mine is pretty simple:

    1 – I found a mint cadbury bar in the fridge this afternoon
    2- – there were enough raspberries left for me to have with my vanilla yoghurt
    3 – I had the chance to spend the morning with my girls before they left for school – and I will be here when they get home.
    4 – Steve is on his way home early πŸ™‚
    Heather’s last post … Girl TimeMy Profile

  2. My Happy List as of right now….
    1.Being able to go to bed early tonight! (have just gotten off night shifts and haven’t slept)
    2.Having Indian take away with my husband as soon as the kids are asleep
    3.Days off of work!
    4.Being able to have met 4 new Vancouver babies over the last 2 nights (yeah babies!)
    Mama in the City’s last post … I’m That Mom On Her iPhoneMy Profile

  3. Today is a fun day so my happy list is easy!
    1. Being 63 and loving it!
    2. Watching winter turn into spring, leaf by leaf.
    3. My children and grandchildren (always and every day).
    4. My piano teacher.
    5. Being on your happy list πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my, where can I too get an Anne Boleyn teacup??? I am completely serious.
    Karen Munro’s last post … FOP as a girl grows upMy Profile

  5. I would really love to see that cup!!
    Dana’s last post … Blueberry Granola Balls and a Cautionary TaleMy Profile

  6. I love your happiness list, here’s a bit of mine. 2 1/2 year old’s sense of humour. He brings so much joy and silliness.
    2. the time I have to write
    3. warm tea made by my better half
    4. a good night’s sleep, 3 nights in a row patience today has been solid.

    thanks for sharing that Amber. And sorry to hear about the dental stuff. I squirm at the thought that I may have to do that too! But, now I know it might not be that bad, pain wise πŸ˜‰
    Leeanne Ekland’s last post … Fat Lady Loses 50: Lose the Baby Weight For GoodMy Profile

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