Mood Swings

Tomorrow night was supposed to be our first prenatal class at Douglas College. Jon and I were both really looking forward to it. I wanted to meet other expecting parents, and have an opportunity to sort of get in the right headspace for having a baby. I can feel labour looming now, and I just haven’t thought about it much, which is freakign me out.

Unfortunately, there are rotating strikes at a lot of the community colleges right now, and Douglas College is being hit tomorrow. This means that our class is cancelled. I am ticked off, but mostly I feel deeply hurt. I feel like it’s a personal affront, and now I won’t be ready, and there’s nothing that I can do about it.

This is part of the joy of pregnancy. Bad things happen in life, but to a pregnant woman any little bad thing is a Very Big Deal. It is all Life and Death, you know, and the health and happiness of the baby could depend on it.

Lately, I’ve been feeling panicky. I need to buy things, I need to nest. This weekend the boys are renovating the baby room, so that I can get started. I can feel a big shopping spree coming on. I need diapers, I need clothes, I need sheets, I need baby nail clippers. But mostly I need to be able to walk into the baby’s room and see that all the little things that come with a baby. My hormones will not rest until it’s done.

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