Maternity Leave

These posts are from my Mat Leave Monday series, which discusses maternity and parental leave in Canada and around the world. If you like this, you should also check out my super-cool Quick Guide to Canadian Maternity Leave, updated for 2010!


Maternity Leave: Allowing and Honouring Choice

My husband and I subscribe to the Sunday New York Times. This week, as I sat down over my breakfast cereal and opened the Style section in search of Social Q’s (I love Social Q’s) I was greeted by an article about Marissa Mayer’s maternity leave. If you’re not familiar, Ms. Mayer is the new […]


Maternity Leave, Adieu

Today is Monday, and I have decided to re-visit Mat Leave Monday for old time’s sake, and because I have an announcement to make. Service Canada has announced the new maximum insurable earnings for Employment Insurance (EI) for 2011. This is the maximum level of earnings that you pay EI premiums on. And since maternity […]


Parental Leave and Twins (or More)

Today I am bringing back Mat Leave Monday to talk about parental leave and parents of multiples in Canada. I have two children myself, but they were born 3 1/2 years apart. Parents of twins (or more) have my total respect – I can only imagine what it would be like to have more than […]


Bellies to Babies Celebration

I am very excited to say that I am going to be speaking at the Bellies to Babies Celebration in Vancouver! I am going to talk about maternity leave, which is one of my passions. I love talking about maternity leave. Maybe a little bit too much, but in this context it works so I’m […]


Maternity Leave in Maple Ridge

Guess what! I have my first public appearance. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited this makes me. I am going to speaking about my passion, maternity leave, at the fabulous maternity and baby boutique Tiny Fingers Tiny Toes in Maple Ridge, BC. I love talking about maternity leave. In fact, if you […]


Maternity Leave Eligibility for the Self-Employed

Today I am revisiting Mat Leave Monday, because I have some very important information to share. If you are a self-employed Canadian who would like to be eligible for maternity or parental benefits, then you need to act now to opt into the EI system. (Note – If you live in Quebec you are already […]


Updated Canadian Maternity Leave Guide

Today I am revisiting Mat Leave Monday, because I have updated my super-cool and totally fun Quick Guide to Canadian Maternity Leave for 2010. In case you aren’t familiar with it, I ran a series of posts about maternity leave every Monday while I was on my last maternity leave. I enjoyed it immensely, and […]


Maternity Leave for the Self-Employed Announced

Today I am re-visiting Mat Leave Monday, because there was a major announcement last week that affects maternity leave in Canada. On November 3, the federal Conservatives introduced The Fairness for the Self-Employed Act, which extends special benefits provided through the Employment Insurance (EI) system to the self-employed. These special benefits include sickness benefits, compassionate […]


Canadian Parental Leave and Multiples

It’s Thursday, so I’m Crafting my Life! Today I’m talking about possibly the biggest challenges any parent faces when trying to find balance, which occurs with multiple births. I have the utmost respect for parents of twins or more. I think that anyone who’s cared for one baby can appreciate how much work must go […]


Guide to Canadian Maternity Leave

It’s Mat Leave Monday! I know that I promised I was totally done with that, but I’m re-visiting it this week. After all, this is my blog and so I reserve the right to make the rules up as I go along. I’m totally fun that way. Totally. The reason that I’m re-visiting Mat Leave […]


Isolation and Togetherness: Susan and Rebecca

Today is the last day of my Carnival of Maternity Leave! I have two more stories to share with you, sharing two very different experiences of being home with a new baby. They show us how maternity leave can be very isolating, or it can be a time of togetherness for a family. Susan is […]


Making the Most of Maternity Leave: Tracey and Missy

Those early days at home with a baby may occasionally feel interminable, but the reality is that they are very brief. As experienced parents will tell you it’s good to try to enjoy them while they last, because they will be over before you know it. And you will actually miss them when they’re gone. […]

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