Last Brownies

Tonight is my last Brownie meeting of the year. It’s been a great run this time around, with some really fabulous kids. Tonight we’re having advancement to Guides for the older girls, and giving out awards and badges to everyone. I’ve made up little certificates on my computer, and they’re really cute, if I say so myself.

As much as I love Brownies, I relish the time off over the summer. My evenings and weekends are all mine, to do with what I will. I’m thinking of signing up for a Pilates class, or doing some sewing projects.

Speaking of sewing projects, this weekend I made a new duvet cover, and a matching cushion for the chest at the foot of our bed. I love this new machine, it does everything, and it’s so much faster than the old one. I actually look for excuses to use it. I’m surprised how much of a Suzy Homemaker I can be, given the proper tools (good tools are very important to engineers, you see).

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