Jacob’s New Boots

My 2-year-old Jacob has a thing for boots. He always has. In fact, I wrote of his love for his shiny red rain boots almost a year ago. When I allow Jacob to choose his footwear, he nearly always opts for boots. Toddlers and rain boots – a match made in heaven.

Sadly for Jacob, though, he had outgrown all of his boots. I could barely squeeze his feet into the biggest of the three pairs of red rain boots I originally bought for his big sister Hannah. And so the hunt was on for new rain boots, which would be worthy of Jacob’s love and affection. I tried the second-hand store first. No dice, so sometime later I headed to the mall. I visited 5 stores. I found lots of snow boots, in every conceivable style, colour and size. I found some dress-up shoes and novelty socks, but no toddler rain boots.

Note to department store purchasers, who presumably live in Toronto: Canada is a big country, as you know. And in this part of Canada, protecting against the incessant rain wet weather is more important than protecting against cold. You might want to think about that when you’re stocking the local Sears. Love, Amber.

I tweeted about my hard luck on the rain boot front, and Twitter made suggestions. So a week or so later, I headed out once again. This time, I stopped off at the local Superstore. There, I found rain boots for big kids, but none for toddlers. But once again, I found vast quantities of snow boots.

Note to Superstore purchasers, who presumably live in Toronto and refer to themselves as Loblaws purchasers, since that’s what the retail chain is called in Ontario: See my note to department store purchasers. XOXO.

Finally, I visited the kids’ shoe store that I should have started at. It’s a funny little shop, and you have to ask the owner to bring you the shoes you’re looking for in the size you want. And so I did that. First, she brought out some shiny red rain boots, that looked exactly like the old shiny red rain boots. Be still my heart. I tried them on Jacob, they fit, and they were affordable. I was ready to go.

Jacob's new boots
These are the boots that made my toddler’s heart sing

Jacob was not ready to go though, because about 30 seconds later the owner brought out the lizard and worm boots, and Jacob ripped the red boots off his feet and lunged in the direction of the lizard and worm boots. He put them on himself. He ran off. He refused to be swayed by the other options presented to him. He had chosen his boots, and there was no getting them off his feet.

Jacob all dressed up to visit Skeeter Farm
On the way to visit Skeeter Farm – wearing his rain boots, of course

It’s only been five days since we bought the new boots, but they have become a permanent fixture on Jacob’s feet. And not a moment too soon – November in Vancouver is rainy, indeed. When it’s time to go he runs down and puts his boots on, usually on the wrong feet, and often before he’s wearing anything else. There can be no doubt as to his affection.

Jacob found plant debris - lucky kid!
Playing in the back yard, with rain boots on the wrong feet

Jacob has adventuring to do, and he has the boots to do it in. What could be better?

Do your children have strong opinions when it comes to their footwear? And do you also find that stores never stock appropriate footwear (or clothing) in season? Tell me all about it!

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  1. Oh so timely! We really need boots for the kiddos… but I often miss my window of opportunity with rain boots because they grow out of them SO QUICKLY, and the time between wearing flip flops and wearing snow boots here – the time when rain boots fit right in – is SO SHORT in New Jersey. Oh, it comes again in the Spring, but by that time, they’re already in the next size up.

    Thrift store, here we come! 😀
    kelly @kellynaturally’s last post … Natural Parenting- Following Our Instincts- and Keeping Our Son IntactMy Profile

  2. We just bought new winter boots for our son, and when we took off the old ones and tried on the new ones in the store, he had a melt down and reached for his old, ratty, worn out boots. “Noooo! Old boots!” he screamed with the intensity of one who has had an appendage removed. After five minutes, and a distraction with the toy wall (seriously awesome store, has a wall full of beaded wire thingys), he was fine with them. now they are “new boots” and he gets them on himself most times he tries. Velcro bedarned. 🙂

    I always have trouble finding stuff in season. I am fretting a little because we need to buy newborn warm fuzzy stuff for March, ready for my due date, and by January-end, most of the stores are selling Spring stuff here. I try not to buy new, and save a bundle by going consignment, but this phenomenon also happens in our consignment stores. Its frustrating not being able to find summer stuff near the end of summer because all the Fall stuff comes out way too early.

    I love those boots!!! My son’s this year were just plain old black with orange sole rubber boots (just like Grandpa’s, so it was very cool), and he loved them. Next year we’ll get him some froggy ones or something.

  3. “Ohhhhh, are those MY new boots?” asks a very excited Hannah while looking over my shoulder! The almost four year old gives a huge stamp of approval for Jacobs fashion choice!

  4. i apologise in retrospect – thrift / consignment store rubber boots are a precious commodity so i do tend to buy bigger sizes to stock up for the future. in my more efficient moments i even add the sizes purchased to a wall planner reminding me not to buy another pair of size 2 gumboots …

    i love the pic of Jacob in his carseat in those boots 🙂
    pomomama’s last post … shop local- shop handmadeMy Profile

  5. My children have had strong opinions about EVERYTHING, especially when they were 2. It can be trying, but I consider it a good sign…knowing one’s mind.
    janetlansbury’s last post … 4 Reasons To Ditch Academic PreschoolsMy Profile

  6. He chose well!
    Francesca’s last post … and more olives!My Profile

  7. What adorable boots! My little man is also quite insistent about what he likes when it comes to his footwear. It’s too bad, because we get lots of hand-me-downs from our neighbors, but he refuses to wear the shoes! Luckily he wears the clothes without a problem.
    Roula’s last post … November 17thMy Profile

  8. Those boots are so nice I’d wear them all the time too! In fact the other day I saw a really cute pair at the store (for me) but I couldn’t justify needing the purchase.

    Unfortunately the weather here doesn’t allow for rain boots for very long. We have to get to warmer footwear pretty fast… which speaking of, I still haven’t gotten either child ready for winter yet. Bad mommy!

    But, when given the choice, my toddler really prefers his rain boots. I prefer them too – I don’t have to bend down to help him put them on (and since I usually have a baby in my arms, that’s a godsend!)
    Aida N’s last post … Saturday @ the MuseumMy Profile

  9. Rubber boots rock. Jacob rocks. Winter boots suck. I never have winter boots on the first snow day. I suck.
    allison’s last post … Flying by Seat of Pants Recipes- Carrot Brie SoupMy Profile

  10. Do my kids have strong opinions about their clothes? Um, totally YES! If I dare put anything on Em that is not frilly or poufy or is a “pretty shoe” much crying ensues. (Of course the pretty shoe thing is a big of a problem for November in Vancouver). K has long worn his shirts backwards and has now started to wear his pants backwards too. I kind of like how opinionated they are about their clothes…although I would be happy if Em thought rubber boots fell into the “pretty shoe” category.
    Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)’s last post … Emergencies Always Happen on a SundayMy Profile

  11. I’m with ya, Jacob. Those are, in fact, the coolest boots EVER. Indeed.
    Inder’s last post … VocabularyMy Profile

  12. those are some awesome boots. I’m pretty sure my girls would both fall in love with them as well. Too bad I don’t need any

  13. Old Navy must stock the same Halloween costumes in all their stores US-wide. I am guessing this because I live in Houston and the stores here had lots of thick, fleece, full-body costumes. Weather here makes sleeveless and barefoot more appropriate.

    Wanna hear a bummer? My son LOVES rain boots. And he really shouldn’t wear them. He’s very clumsy and they make him trip. 🙁 Boo. What a sad thing for a little boy.

  14. Yes. We need RAIN PANTS. Well actually, I’m sure MEC has some now that I think about it. But honestly, I agree with you. Retailer chains simply have not received the WET Coast memo.

    We have two darling little pairs of rainboots, and I’ve just started noticing that Theo gets a little gaga when we pass by them. It never occured to me that he might want to put them on! So funny.

    SIdenote, because who doesn’t love a sidenote: I’m having a love affair with toddlers. The boots, the attachment to them, the refusal to take them off. Adorable.
    harriet Fancott’s last post … Top three things not to say to an adoptive parentMy Profile

  15. So, so, so cute! My two year old only have one pair of shoes that fit his feet at this point, so it’s not that complicated – Clone Trooper sneakers. Oh wait, he could probably still get his water sandals on, but I’ve hidden them now that it’s getting colder.
    Lady M’s last post … Second Careers and More TravelMy Profile

  16. Those boots are SO CUTE. Zomg.

    I have complained at many stores for just that reason. First time was a few years ago when I wanted a rain coat. A rain coat! I didn’t want a GoreTex jacket from MEC (although I have one now because I need function over form) I just wanted a coat. That was at least water resistent. And breathed. And had a hood. And The Bay (and Sears, and Superstore) wanted to sell me puffy jackets stuffed with down.

    Down! I will sweat to death on public transit in a down-filled jacket!

    I seriously don’t know how kids can walk around with their boots on the wrong feet and not faceplant every ten seconds. But – they can.

  17. Those are some stylin’ boots! My son got the holy grail of shoes recently…those ones that light up when he jumps. He has wanted them since he saw a pair on another boy when he was two. I finally caved and he is in LOVE with them.
    Amber’s last post … Compost Post Hijacked by SpidersMy Profile

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