Jacob’s Hair

You would be forgiven for thinking I talk about hair a lot. Because, well, I do. I like to claim that I don’t really care about hair that much, but the post count doesn’t lie. First I talked about my daughter Hannah’s hair. Then my hair. Then Hannah’s hair again. Then my hair again. And now I’m going to talk about baby Jacob’s lovely locks. I promise I will find something new to talk about after today. 🙂

Jacob was born with a respectable amount of hair. I kept waiting for it to fall out, but it never did. It just kept growing, and growing, and growing. By the time he was 5 months old it was getting pretty crazy. It was also becoming apparent that I would not be able to hold off his first haircut forever.

Look at the hair!
Jacob’s hair at 5 months

I loved Jacob’s crazy baby curls. After baths they would form little ringlets or stick straight up in the air. Little blond locks going every which way. And I think he loved his hair, too. When he was going to sleep he would often run his fingers through it as he nursed. It was very sweet.

Crazy curly baby hair
Crazy curly baby hair at 7 months

The problem, though, is that when his hair wasn’t sticking straight up it was sticking straight down. It was obscuring his vision. It constantly had gunk of one kind or another stuck in it, since it was just everywhere. And unlike Hannah I didn’t feel comfortable just sticking a barrette or hair tie in it. I’m just not evolved enough to use accessories in my son’s hair.

Jacob crawling up my leg
Crawling up my leg at 8 months

But still, I held off the first haircut. I told everyone I would wait until his first birthday. Before then I didn’t think I could handle how much older he would look. While he was still in his first year of life I was determined to keep the baby curls, no matter how inconvenient they were.

Jacob and his diaper pail
Completely obstructing his vision at 9 months

Finally, I had to give in. Once again I was trying to pick some baby goo out of his hair, and once again Jacob was objecting. I hadn’t seen his eyes in days. I steeled myself and dug out my scissors while Jacob was still in his sleeper one morning, so that errant hairs wouldn’t get on his clothes. And I did my best not to completely mutilate my baby’s head.

My 9-month-old dreamboat
The first haircut at 9 months

In spite of the constant wiggling, I think I did all right. He definitely does look older, but he’s still very cute. He’s still my baby, just slightly more boy-ish. And I can see his beautiful eyes again, which makes me happy indeed.

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  1. Heh. And here I thought it was my kid whose hair isn’t falling out. She’s still got a full head of black hair which has filled in and grown longer (like 1/4cm) in the first week of her life.

  2. Still an adorable baby! It was the tucking the hair behind Buster’s ears that finally had me deciding to cut it too.

    “Not evolved enough” to use barrettes – Funny! And me too.

  3. Wow, he really did have a LOT of hair! I like the new haircut. It makes him look cute and boyish all at the same time.

  4. Aw, he’s so cute 🙂 I trimmed J’s bangs yesterday – I didn’t want to, but he insisted (they weren’t in his eyes yet, and I didn’t want to touch them in case I messed it up royally!!). Luckily for me, he was happy with only one snip, which was small enough to not be noticable.

    I laughed when I read how you’re not evolved enough to put hair clips in your son’s hair – I’m with you there!! (although I did paint one of his nails with clear polish when he begged to get in on the manicure session that Alyssa and I were having). I thought “it’s only one nail, and it’s clear”. Luckily he was happy with that and wandered off (phew 😉

  5. It’s amazing how a haircut can change how a baby looks! I still remember when we finally gave Victoria bangs. She went from baby to little girl instantly!

    That reminds me, I need to trim V’s bangs again 🙂

  6. Adorable! I remember trimming Eve’s hair and then feeling like crying when i realized I’d cut off the little curls that always stuck out behind her ears. Right now it’s way too long because we were waiting out the dance recital (when it had to be in a low ponytail) and a visit to my sister (who has a tomboy and loves to French braid). Hair is an extremely emotionally fraught subject!

  7. Jacob is adorable either way. You and Jon make cute babies.

  8. I’ll never forget my brother Nathaniel’s first hair cut. My mom loved his curls in the back of his head, and she just let them grow, to about the length of Jacob’s hair.

    We were in Disney World, I must have been about 9 and Nate was 1. Somebody told my parents what a cute little GIRL they had. Later on, when my mom took me and Jonathan to the pool, my dad took matters into his own hands. He cut off those curls, and my mom was so upset when we got back! It’s a funny story now, but my mom still gets teary-eyed when she thinks of Nate’s curls getting chopped off.

  9. You’re good with scissors! Jacob is adorable – with long hair and short hair 🙂

  10. He looks so cute! And actually I think he looks a little younger now that the long bangs are gone… it kind of had that old-man toupe look. 😉

  11. You did an awesome job and his pre-cut locks are immortalized in photos, so you get the best of both worlds!

  12. My boys were all completely bald until the age of two. I loved it.

  13. The curls were too cute, but he’s still adorable after the haircut!

  14. I hope my kids turn out half as cute as yours..

  15. Joan Morris says:

    I didn't have boys and was able to cut my 2 daughter's hair until they went to school when I decided I "should" get it professionally done? My daughters both cut their boys and their husbands' hair!

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