How to Snag a Parent Blogger

Yesterday, I got up on my high horse and explained why I wouldn’t use my platform to promote McDonald’s. I stand by what I said. The idea of aligning my personal brand with the McDonald’s corporate brand doesn’t work for me, so I’m not going to do it. I’m not even going to apply to do it. Although I do understand why people like my friend Karen are applying, and I hope they choose her.

The fact that I’m passing up this one campaign doesn’t mean I’m immune to PR pitches, though. Because I’m not. Do you want to know how to lure me in? It’s not by sending me a press release outlining how awesome your cleaning product is. It’s by offering me the chance to do something fun with my kids. Like, say, offering free tickets to the new show (cough Birds up Close cough) happening at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Because what parent can resist this?

The kids love the giant plush beluga

Or this?

Checking out the sea stars and anemones

If you can convince me that my kids will even be learning something by attending, well, you’ve really got me. It’s now my solemn parental duty to attend, especially when it supplements the unit my daughter’s class did on birds of prey this year. Just think of the enhanced education she’ll be receiving!

Bald eagle in flight

Up close with the turkey vulture

Throw in free food afterward, and let my 6-year-old go back for seconds of the chocolate mousse, and I will kiss the ground you walk on.

Jacob chows down on his hot dog

Hannah's face after 2 bowls of chocolate mousse

And to cap it all off, who could resist a freaking baby beluga? I am not made of stone, people.

The baby beluga and I share a moment

Here’s the point I’m getting at – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with brands connecting with bloggers, and hoping for a little bit of cross-promotion. We all just have to make our own decisions about what does and does not work for us. And if you throw in the chance to share a moment with a baby beluga, well, that never hurt anyone, either.

What do you think makes for a great evening out with your kids? Do you find baby belugas as irresistible as I do? And do you have a killer recipe for chocolate mousse? Please share!

PS – I’m still looking for your feedback. So please, take a moment to share the love and complete my reader survey. I’d really appreciate it!

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  1. I have a great chocolate mousse recipe but sadly, no promotional opportunities to spam, er bombard you with (though that might change with momcafe’s Monday ‘pitching to bloggers’ networking meeting – open to non-members btw!)
    pomomama’s last post … self portrait thursday: triptychMy Profile

  2. I would’ve been all over that too. Suzi loved “Baby Wooga” when we took her to the Georgia Aquarium. We had to listen to the song about 50 times on repeat on her Raffi CD.
    Jenny’s last post … Turning aggravating blankets into a custom slipcoverMy Profile

  3. just took your survey, sorry I’m late.
    Francesca’s last post … sewn for the gardenMy Profile

  4. That looks like a great time! I like the picture you got of the eagle in flight.
    Lady M’s last post … Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Middle EarthMy Profile

  5. Man, that thing is cute.
    Amber’s last post … new crappy pictures at http://www.crappypictures.comMy Profile

  6. I would be totally into that too. (And there is much I would like to say on your other points, but I think I’ll choose not too 🙂
    Christine’s last post … Creatively emptyMy Profile

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