Hannah Loves Weddings

Yesterday I sat on the couch and breastfed the baby, catching up on whatever was on the Tivo. However, Hannah and Jon had a much more eventful day as they were off to Harrison to celebrate the wedding of our friends Jody and Donna. Christy was there, too, and Hannah was glad to see her:

All reports indicate that Hannah had a great time. There was cake, and dancing, and fireworks. There was a bride, who Hannah now speaks of in rapturous tones. Hannah dusted off the flower girl dress from James and Sara’s wedding, and made sure that she even had the same hairdo, so that she would be appropriately attired. This kid was just in heaven, and I’ve been hearing about it all day today. Last night, of course, she arrived home asleep.

We have another wedding, for one of Jon’s cousins, the weekend after next. Hannah’s already looking forward to it. After that, though, we’re done for the foreseeable future. My poor kid will be very disappointed.

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