I’m sorry that I have been missing in action. The truth is that I have a bunch of photos to upload, and haven’t found the time, and so I have been hiding in shame. I will do my best to get my act together this weekend so that you can all enjoy our trip to the pumpkin patch vicariously.

In other news, I have graduated! Not from any sort of school or training program, but from a diaper bag to a Mom Purse. For those of you who are inexperienced in the world of handbags, the Mom Purse is a monster carry-all that contains snacks, lipstick, kleenexes, and an entire toy store. It is roughly the size of a diaper bag, but it does not have pockets for baby supplies, and it does not contain a change pad, wipes, or especially diapers.

My new bag is black pleather, cheap, and overflowing. And as much as it’s nothing special to look at, I feel footloose and fancy-free when I carry it. It represents a sort of freedom. I don’t have to carry kid stuff in the Mom Purse. I do carry kid stuff, but that’s not what it’s for. If I want to turn it upside down and pour out the Cheerios, spare clothes (which I will carry ‘just in case’ until Hannah is 16), and sippy cups and go out all by myself I can. Because the Mom Purse is mine, it is not a piece of baby equipment. It can exist in a world where I do not have a kid on my hip, and sticky snack food stored inside it. See? The Mom Purse is 55 pounds of liberation in a pleather package, and I am free at last! 😉

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