Four Easy Ways I’m Greening Easter

Easter is coming up fast, and I’m determined not to find myself at the mall at the last minute yet again. I’m trying to plan ahead, in part to save myself the grief of hectic, last-minute preparations, and in part so that I can create a greener Easter. With a little bit of planning ahead, I can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday, and still make it fun (and delicious) for my whole family.

Making Easter Greener

four steps for a greener easter reusable easter egg garland

Here are four easy steps I’m taking to make this Easter a little greener:

  1. Reusable Decorations – My kids have had the same Easter baskets for years. During the year they live in a closet, and every Easter we leave them out for the Easter Bunny, like we leave out our stockings at Christmas. As well, I’ve collected some green decorations from my fabulous friend Suzanne at Green Planet Parties that we reuse each year. Yes, they’re more expensive, but in the end we’re saving money because we can keep them pretty much forever.
  2. DIY Easter Grass – Plastic Easter grass isn’t what you would call environmentally-friendly. It’s not house-friendly, either, since that stuff gets everywhere and hangs around for weeks. Instead of buying it, I make my own Easter grass by shredding scrap paper. It doesn’t take as long as you would expect – I do it while I’m watching TV over the course of an hour or two. Once I’m done, I have something that’s recyclable, compostable, and cost me nothing. It’s also much less prone to clinging to clothes and hiding in corners than its plastic cousin.
  3. Tone it Down – There’s a reason that reduce is the first of the three Rs of reduce, reuse, recycle. When you buy less stuff, you’re reducing your environmental footprint substantially. At Easter and all year long one way that I implement this is by toning down our celebrations. I actually think everyone enjoys themselves more when we keep it simple and sweet. My kids also appreciate their gifts more when there are just a few instead of loads. Plus, I’m saving money at the same time.
  4. Mindfully Choose Easter Treats – While we do tone things down, we don’t do away with the celebration altogether. However, the items I do choose for my children are mindfully selected. I try to opt for eco-friendly toys and natural, organic and fair trade treats where possible. I also dye my own eggs using non-toxic dyes, like red cabbage and beets. I’m not perfect in this regard, but every little bit counts, and the fewer cheap, plastic toys I bring into my home, the better.

As you can see, I’m taking small steps towards a greener lifestyle, because that’s how I roll. By keeping it manageable (for me), I’m able to do a little more each year, and make my Easter just that much lighter on the earth.

What about you? How are you making your Easter green?

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  1. Thank you for giving me some inspiring ideas! I haven’t started my Easter decorating/purchasing yet so this is perfect to read first 😉

  2. Yah, but if I already HAVE plastic Easter grass, should I throw it out and replace it with paper? 🙂
    allison’s last post … Late to the partyMy Profile

  3. Alyssa

    My idea is “Etsy Easter”. You can probably imagine it. Unfortunately my peeps over here like Cadbury Cream Eggs and such too much to ever be fully satisfied with an array of handcrafted goodies.

  4. Easter at our house consists of candy and chocolate treats and then sports equipment. When I was a kid I would get tenis lessons and a racket and a bike for easter. With our girls, we do the same sorts of stuff. Something to balance out the treats.
    Heather’s last post … BraveryMy Profile

  5. I want to make some reusable banners with my kids. Fabric would be ideal, but my friend made an easy one out of paper for birthdays and it has held up surprisingly well.
    Betsy (Eco-novice)’s last post … Celebrate a Special Day with a Special BreakfastMy Profile

  6. we make our own easter grass too! I have yet to visit green planet partiies but now book marked their page so I can find them easily when I need something!
    Happy Easter!
    (sharing your post)

  7. I have used the same plastic Easter eggs for seven years now! Glad I’m in good company.

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