Five Things I’m Forgiving Myself For

It’s the weekend, so I’m writing another Forgiveness Friday post. Once again I’m thinking about forgiveness. Today, specifically, I’m forgiving myself for a few things that have been nagging at me. You can find my other posts on forgiveness by checking out the Forgiveness Friday tag.

As I said, today I’m thinking about forgiving myself. It’s not the first time I’ve written about the importance of letting go of your own shortcomings. Today, specifically, I’m forgiving myself for five little things that have been weighing on me, and causing me to castigate myself, but that aren’t really a big deal in the long run. Here’s to learning to forgive yourself and embrace your imperfection.

I’m Forgiving Myself For …

1. Leaving the kids’ toys outside in the rain, because I haven’t been able to muster up the energy to bring them inside to dry off.

2. The fact that I put lemon peels in vodka to make limoncello three years ago, and haven’t touched the jar it’s all in since. (I actually thought it was only two years ago until I visited the recipe page and saw my comment from 2011.)

3. My failure to start studying for my final exams as far in advance as I should have. I also forgive myself for taking the time to write this post instead of studying for my final exams.

4. The fact I haven’t tried any of the recipes from Homemade Cleaners: Quick-and-Easy, Toxic-Free Recipes yet, in order to share my experiences with you. I will do it soon, I swear.

forgiveness friday book

5. My vacuuming delinquency. I literally cannot remember the last time I vacuumed the whole house. It’s been at least three weeks, but probably more. And I have kids, and a cat, and all that jazz. But you know what? On my deathbed I’m pretty sure I won’t wish I’d spent more time vacuuming.

What about you – are there any things you’d like to forgive yourself for?

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  1. Nice:) i’m a total navel gazer <3

  2. I wash the sheets when I can’t remember when I last did it and I can feel little piles of debris, dirt, and sand at the bottom (and sometimes under the pillows). I think I average once a month. Does that make you feel better?
    Betsy (Eco-novice)’s last post … 6 Ways to Ditch DisposablesMy Profile

    • It’s always nice to know that I’m not the only haphazard housekeeper. The truth is I only have clean sheets because my husband washes them. He’s a keeper, that man.

  3. Forgiving myself – that’s a hard one, and not something I all that good at. Other people – no problem.
    When it comes to my mothering, there are so many things that I feel guilty about and that haunt me. And the list just grows. I don’t know how to process it. I don’t know what it will take. I know that I will keep disapointing myself and making mistakes. It’s just human nature.
    Heather’s last post … Fear Be Damned!My Profile

  4. LOVE THIS! 🙂

    Forgiving myself for comparing myself to others — I cannot be everything but I can be my best “me.” 🙂
    robbie @ going green mama’s last post … No sugar-day: It’s tougher than you thinkMy Profile

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