Creating Routines: Don’t Text and Walk

Crafting my Life Creating RoutinesBefore I decided to close Crafting my Life, I was running a monthly series on the site that was all about creating positive routines. I was enjoying it quite a lot, so I decided to move it over here and re-jig it a little. Each month I’m setting one goal towards creating a more purpose-filled life. If you’d like to join in and take some steps to create better rhythms and routines in your own life, I’d love to hear how you’re doing it.

Last Month’s Recap

For January, my goal was to sweep the kitchen every day. While I didn’t remember to sweep every single day, I’d say that I managed six days every week. And, as the month went on, I remembered to do it more and more often. I like sweeping, and I like having a clean kitchen floor, so it really was a positive change, and it only takes a few minutes at a time.

creating routine smart phone

Creating a Routine for February

For February, I’ve decided to return to my word for 2013, which is presence. As in, being more present in my life. This month, I am going to stop using my phone while I’m walking. This isn’t so much about talking on my phone, which I don’t do all that often, anyway. It’s more about sending texts, replying to tweets, or updating Instagram, as I make the twice-daily trek to drop my daughter off at school and pick her up again. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’m often typing into my phone as I walk along, which is both irritating and dangerous. I don’t want to be like that woman who fell into a mall fountain because she was too busy texting.

When I’m out walking I often see things that I want to snap photos of. Maybe my kids are doing something particularly cute, maybe I see a pretty flower, or maybe one of my neighbour’s lawns has been decorated in honour of a 50th birthday. I will still stop and take a photo, but then I will put my phone back in my pocket before doing anything with it. I won’t use my phone while my feet are moving. In the process, I’m hoping to spend more time actually noticing my world, and being present in it, instead of being glued to a screen.

Start With Small Changes

One thing I’ve learned on my journey towards a more purpose-driven life is that change happens best in small, bite-sized pieces. That’s why I’m once again choosing something small as my change in routine this month. I invite you to do the same thing. Is there something small you could do to improve your daily rhythm or overall mood? If so, what’s holding you back? Create a new routine, and leave a comment so that we can cheer each other on!

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  1. This one might seem really silly (or odd to people who don’t drink milk) but it’s big for me. I don’t drink enough water, and I’m a sucker for milk with meals. In the New Year I bought a glass pitcher and started putting water on the table with our meals. Now I have a glass of water before I have any milk. This was a simple step for me. Easier than saying “I’ll drink more water.” It was just one glass every meal. A month in and most meals, I only drink water now. The $6 pitcher was a good catalyst for that. And keeping the goal small.
    Alison @ Bluebirdmama’s last post … Six Things I Have Learned About Baby SleepMy Profile

  2. Oh, this is a good one Amber. I’m a total walker/texter. I’m also a playing with my baby texter and cooking dinner texter. It’s kind of out if control. I Hobestly think my son probably thinks my phone is part of my body. I have no job, no dire info is coming through nor does it need to leave. Yet I have a very hard time putting my phone down. I think part of it is the inevitable longing for grown up connection that I feel from being a stay at home mom. I get that, but I’m a bit embarrassed and almost ashamed of my need to text, email, etc while being with my kids. Talk about needing to be present!

    My word for 2013 is nourish, for myself and my family. But what I’d like my monthly goal to be putting my phone (far) away when playing with my kids. Just being with them, even when it’s tedious or exhausting. Isn’t that what our parents had to do? There was no digital escape. I’ll give it my best shot.
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    • I will be honest, I often find myself walking while holding on to my phone in my pocket. It’s like I can’t quite let go of it, even if I’m not using it. I’m choosing to look at this as a step in the right direction. It’s so easy to become totally dependent on that phone!

  3. I like this one!

    I too am really bad with my phone, constantly texting and taking pics for Instagram. I do love taking photos and I have no desire to stop, but one day recently I forgot my phone at home (!!!) and I was unable to capture a special moment that happened when I was out with my girls. And do you know what happened? I stopped the panic attack and just enjoyed the moment. Once I let go of my phone withdrawal angst I liked playing with my kids without the (self-imposed) pressure to document everything I do.
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    • I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I love that it encourages me to document lots of little moments that I might otherwise miss. I hate that it causes me to miss many moments because I’m too busy documenting.

      Maybe leaving the phone at home will be my next step. I’m not ready yet, though. 😉

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