Crafting my Life: The Giveaway

As I like to point out every 15 minutes or so, I’m hard at work creating an online course on living with intention called Crafting my Life. The class lasts 12 weeks, and you do it in your own time, at your own pace. This snazzy video explains more:

I am in the thick of writing, shooting videos, conducting interviews and talking about the class to anyone who will listen. It’s a big, huge deal for me, and I’m immensely proud of how it’s shaping up.

The first session of the class launches on January 15. If you’ve been toying with the idea of taking it, now’s the time to jump in. Registration is easy, and all the cool kids are doing it!

I’m hoping to make the whole process a little bit easier for at least one person, by giving away a free course registration. If you’re one of the fabulous folks who has already registered, you can choose to give the registration to a friend, or I will refund your fees and give you the course for free. So, really, you have nothing to lose by entering my little giveaway.

You may be thinking, “Sounds cool, Amber, but how do I enter?” I’m so glad you asked. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. You can say anything that you want, but what would be really great is if you told me what you plan to do this year to change your life for the better. Just leave one comment per person, please.

But that’s not all! You can get a bonus entry by subscribing to my Crafting my Life email list. To do that, visit Crafting my Life and enter your info on the right where it says ‘Subscribe’. If you’re already on the list, you’re already entered. You do not need to leave an extra comment, or anything like that. Through the magic of technology I already know who’s on the list.

Hopefully, this is all clear. I will close comments on this post and choose the winner at 9pm Pacific time on Tuesday, January 11. Good luck!

The contest is now closed. Congratulations to Leslie, who subscribes to the email list, and got the lucky number!

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  1. I recently encountered a great quote that sums up what I want to change to make my life better this year. Here ’tis:

    “As for the New Year being happy,
    Let it be swathed in mystery!
    That’s my wish for the New year.”
    – ISSA

  2. You’re course sounds interesting. I’ve been wanting to sign up, but had decided I’d have to wait until another time to take it. With baby #3 coming in March I know there will be lots of expenses over the next few months that aren’t covered by our crappy insurance that we’ll have to cover out of pocket. Good luck with your course!
    Amy’s last post … Homemade Vanilla ExtractMy Profile

  3. What do I plan to do this year? Well seeing as I just had a newborn and have a toddler at home too I’m really just looking for some me time to get my head back on straight and figure out what is is exactly that mommie wishes to do next 🙂
    Sorry for the run-on sentence: sleep deprived, lol!
    Jenn’s last post … Book Review- The Nativity CollectionMy Profile

  4. I am working hard this year at taking time for myself, to engage in activities that are healthful and renewing. Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    Amy’s last post … Foodie Friday- Roasted Garlic HummusMy Profile

  5. This year I’m planning to acknowledge my own needs!
    Casey’s last post … Mamavation Monday- Week 2My Profile

  6. I’ve been following the progress and the course looks great! I wish I were in a better position to sign up for it, so I’ll cross my fingers and hope for this.

    I have two goals this year – to become more organized, therefore more efficient, therefore less stressed out, and to find balance. I think I have to become more organized before I will ever find balance.

  7. Kate Harris says:

    Well, this year I plan to enjoy the heck out of London with my 2 kids, all while rediscovering my amazing creative self.

    Kate Harris’s last post … QuickyMy Profile

  8. Your course sounds just like what I have been looking for. I had my first baby almost a year ago and since then I have been struggling to get grounded in my new role as mother, decide how to make a living at home, and gain confidence in the decisions and sacrifices I have to make. Thanks for the oportunity.

  9. Your class sounds so amazing that I already signed up! Still struggling to find my place.
    harriet Fancott’s last post … Saying goodbye to the nuclear familyMy Profile

  10. Oh, I wish that I could win a registration! I have been thinking so much lately about how motherhood has changed me and how much I have learned about myself already in only 14 months. I would love to enroll but since I recently left my job to be a full-time mom, every penny counts.
    Leah Senior’s last post … Cleo BraceletMy Profile

  11. I know I want to work toward finishing writing (and selling) a book. It’s just the figuring out how to fit it all in, and stay motivated!
    Kathleen McDade’s last post … Proctor &amp GamblingMy Profile

  12. This course sounds amazing! I hope I win the giveaway 🙂

  13. Hi Amber, at this point I realize I must be appearing creepy stalker but I just really respect the work you are doing and immensely appreciate the chance you gave me to reflect in writing the guest lost for your blog. That experience showed me how much more room i have for reflection and while I certainly am happier in my current mode, I know I would grow from a chance to really think about where my happy lives and how I translate that into day to day living. The ripples from which I hope would be important lessons for my kids!

  14. This year I plan to spend more time with my family. We live 8 hours away and did not get to see them as much last year as we used to. We have a huge family and they are all so special to us, we always have a blast when together. We already have the first 6 months planned to see each other at least once a month. I have many other plans to change my life for the better this year

  15. This year come hell or high water I’m finishing my business degree – but wait, I’m actually starting my last course on Monday so by April I should be all done. Then my focus is figuring out how to make some money to help support this family I created, while still staying home as a mom. Big Big Plans.
    Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves’s last post … Pinwheels- Wednesday of Few Words linkyMy Profile

  16. Hi Amber.

    This year? I’m trying to be more … in control (in a light handed way) of what I want to do with each day.
    kelly @kellynaturally’s last post … Inception- Reality- and ParentingMy Profile

  17. what a fantastic giveaway! You’re right to be proud of what you’ve done so far. I have many ideas for this year, but I’m not sure they’ll change the quality of my life.
    Francesca’s last post … Bird watching at nap timeMy Profile

  18. I love the idea and in many ways it is the right time in my life for this…but my feelings of ‘where will I find the time to do this justice while juggling everything else’ have kept me from committing. I hope that you’ll find it successful and wish to run it again!

  19. 2011 finds me really needing to make a lot of changes in my life. Your course looks like exactly the type of thing that would help me in my journey to being a more centered, focused happier me. (what a great idea)

  20. This is an awesome giveaway.

    I hope I win.

    This year I am working towards opening myself to more happiness and letting go of everything else.
    Betsy’s last post … Martha vs The GrinchMy Profile

  21. Kristen Rosenthal says:

    Hi Amber, I’m a homeschooling mom of 5 children ranging in age from 5 to 21 plus a beautiful one year old grandson all living on Vancouver Island. I stumbled on your website through and am intrigued by your online course. I found your blogs insightful and above all else real. I’ve had health problems in the last few months and had just quit my job before Christmas with the intention of rewriting my life in the new year. I’m still in the mulling it over phase, reading, dabbling etc. trying to decide what I’m after exactly and I’m wondering if your course would be a good tool for helping organize my project…”ME”! Looking forward to what you will do next.

  22. I’m so thrilled for the chance to win this course Amber – I really wanted to take it but we just can’t stretch the finances far enough right now!

    I’m looking to reclaim myself in 2011 – I want to take back the parts of myself that I like & I miss and re-build and re-create the parts of myself that were decimated by PPD last year. I want to be the person I know I can be!
    Emily’s last post … ConsistencyMy Profile

  23. OOH! I’d love to win this. I guess it’s a good thing I’m already on the e-mail list.

    My plan for this year is to reacquaint myself with organization. I used to be organized, before I had kids. And now, I miss bill payments [even though the money is there], I have no clue where anything is in the house, I miss deadline and important dates… I feel lost in disorganization!!! Something must change.
    Nadia’s last post … I need my showerMy Profile

  24. Hi Amber!
    This year, in pursuit of a new life as a professional writer, I signed up for PostADay on WordPress (ha ha ha ha ha) and I’m driving across the country with my two older children to see Drumheller and points west. (Maybe we could have coffee when I make it to your part of the world.)

    I think that’s it, but that sounds rather like a full year to me.
    Seonaid’s last post … Book Review- Wolves and Goldfish with Neil GaimanMy Profile

  25. Ooh! This looks like a lot of fun! I want to explore my artistic self this year!
    TopHat’s last post … Oh the Bureaucracy!My Profile

  26. clearly it is a hit amber! great job! and good for you for follwoing your ideas and passion- I admire that!

  27. Congratulations Amber! I can’t wait to hear how it goes.
    This year I want to be less scared to try new things. And to write more.
    Capital Mom’s last post … Two rooms- two bedsMy Profile

  28. I haven’t been able to come up with resolutions on what I want to improve on this next year because so much will be new with a new baby (2 months now) and moving back to the US at the end of the month. I do have rough goals though – to feel comfortable in my parenting, make friends in my new home, and explore the west coast.

  29. Hi Amber,

    This year my main focus is on self-love. I want to romance myself and fall in love with me. All of me – my imperfections, my quirks, all of it. I’m pretty excited to see where this journey will take me.

  30. Apparently your timing for this is spot on! There seems to be a huge need for help in directing our lives to produce the outcomes we want. This year I am looking to step out of my comfort zone, to push myself to do those things that nag at me, instead of claiming that I am “too busy”. I want to look inside myself to find the strength that I know is there; and actually use it instead of letting it get lazy on the couch!

  31. I love the idea of “Living with Intention.”

    I feel like I’ve been trying to do this for awhile, but I’ve been struggling to find my way. I’ve been dabbling with a few things, from starting a blog to taking up photography, and now I’m debating returning to school. This would mean a huge financial risk towards a hopefully future financial gain down the line, we’d have to move out of the area we love in order to ease childcare costs… Plus I’d have to give up spending my days bonding and playing with my two-year old – which has by FAR been the best job I’ve ever had.

    So much to think about! I must admit, I feel a bit lost.

  32. Hello,

    This year I do better at budgeting, and purge some of the junk we have. I also want to work towards becoming a master knitter.

  33. I want to be healthier in all ways. Mind, body and spirit. I have started 2011 off with a bang by giving up caffiene (did that at the end of 2010). I don’t know exactly the course of this path, I just know that at the end of 2011 I plan on being a better version of myself.

  34. I am planning to make my apartment a home. Just because it is not a home that we own doesn’t mean it shouldn’t fit our style and right now I’m afraid it feels like a transition space more than anything else. I am hoping that this one change will spiral – Cozier, more stylish home means more entertaining guests as well as more just BEING with the family. Also, less obsession with cleaning and organizing and more doing.

  35. First off, you have a lot of good ideas. I’ve taken one of them already by choosing a word for the year. My word is “organize”. Organize my stuff, which is quite obvious, but will need to be done with all the moving we have planned this year. Organize my priorities, which is really code for spending more time with my family instead of wasting it by half-ignoring them while I’m on the Internet. Organize my thoughts, which will be the hardest and contains the other two as well. During the last few years, a lot has happened, including being rather free with my language. This isn’t my personality. Also attending church on a regular basis ended a few years, is there a correlation? I don’t know, but I might find myself heading back to church. There might have been some overcompensation from my childhood, but bottom line is I don’t feel comfortable with the person that I have become. So anyway, the point of all of this is to say that this year, I want to read a lot more, even participate in a book discussion group at the library, and basically think more positively, use my time wisely and be there for my family.
    Rebecca B’s last post … Family origins and many relativesMy Profile

  36. We are considering homeschooling, so I’m getting ready to start a “trial run” to see how this feels for all of us. I’m also trying to figure out what’s right for me and our family as we continue to adjust to me being the stay-at-home parent instead of working full time.
    victory’s last post … Im homeMy Profile

  37. This year I want to grow my business.
    Jen’s last post … Business Review- California ClosetsMy Profile

  38. I’ve been enjoying your talk about Crafting My Life & have been wishing I could participate but it just isn’t in the budget this year. My one overarching resolution this year is to get my life organized & this sounds like the perfect course for that.

  39. This sounds amazing. Our last 2 years have really got me spinning so this sounds like the perfect thing to get me back on track. Doing something for ME this year is a goal, as I feel pretty lost these days. If only all the finances were in order to make it happen. Thanks for the opportunity Amber.

  40. I would love to win this and had hoped to be able to register on my own, but just can’t right now. My hope this year is to make positive changes in my own life, but also effect positive change in the world around me. I want to discover how best to do that.

  41. This year, I am hoping to take my craft business to the next level, and grow it from something small to something really viable. I have so many plans… but I need to focus so that I approach all my plans in a way that will really make them work. So I want to work on really doing things with a focused mind, and an overall plan, instead of just throwing myself into everything the way I always do!

    Thanks for this contest, Amber. 🙂
    Stephanie’s last post … Inspiration for Colour in Knitting and DyeingMy Profile

  42. Very cool giveaway. I have a lot of things I’m juggling in life right now and I’m struggling to find order and balance. It would be nice to take part in something to help me chart my course a little better.
    Chrystal @ Happy Mothering’s last post … Baby Hip Hugger Strapless Baby Carrier Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  43. Hi Amber, This year I’m trying to say “yes” more. It sounds simple, but so far I’ve been failing miserably. For ex, I think I’ve been asked to go cross-country skiing three times now and I’ve weasled out of it three times. I know I will have a good time if I just do it, and thus the “yes” resolution. I’ve been settling into doing nothing, and I’d rather craft my life into something. Thanks for offering this giveaway to one of us! Julie

  44. I would love to take the Crafting My Life course as Ive decided that it should be my motto for the year. I am making crafting a part of my everyday life and I’m trying to figure out what’s next for me.

  45. Jennifer McNichols says:

    I have so many hopes for this year 1) be more consistent with doing my art 2) be more organized 3) budget 4) eath healthier…

  46. I haven’t made any official New Year’s Resolutions per se. However, I have already signed up for your course. So, I suppose that this IS the one thing I am doing for me!

  47. Mindfulness. Plain and simple.

    Oh, and to try to be as funny as you.

  48. 2011 intention: create a nourishing environment for my family in all the many ways that can mean

    Looking forward to the course! Would love to pass this onto a friend.
    Amber’s last post … On Being WastefulMy Profile

  49. A thousand congratulations for putting together something that not only makes you proud, but that will no doubt be helpful to many of us!

    The biggest thing I’d like to do this year is to organize my life, specifically my time, a bit better. Sometimes it seems like entire days, even entire weeks, just fly away and I have little or nothing to show for them. There’s so much I want to do, and be, and create, and I need to stop letting that happen!
    Melissa @ The New Mommy Files’s last post … Sunday Quote- My Daily InspirationMy Profile

  50. This year I have a lot to figure out. I now have 2 kids (2 years and 4.5 months). I need to decide on a career direction because my previous one was not especially family friendly. I need to find a way to make working and having kids work as I haven’t worked since my eldest was born. And I need to figure out what makes me happy too… and find time to dedicate to me and my interests too. A big year 🙂

  51. You and I both went through a layoff at the end of our maternity leave. If adjusting to children in our lives isn’t enough the economy has provided additional incentive for me to perhaps re-think my life. What are you my goals? What do I want to be when I grow up? When do I have the time to think about it?

  52. Roberta Cain says:

    I recently separated from my husband. I have a 3 year old daughter. This year I am going to be the woman I want my daughter to have as a mother.

  53. Marion Schmid-Drüner says:

    I’m decidedly unhappy with my current job, although it pays well and I have enough time with my children, but – I’m not doing the things which are dear to my heart, and I’m not growing myself if I work there.

    High time for a change, so I wonder: How can I work with what I love (advocating for breastfeeding, natural birth, working with horses, teach communication skills and learn them myself) and still make a living?

    I hope “Crafting my life” could help me with that…

  54. I don’t have one specific thing in my mind that I want to change, more of a broader idea of how I want to live my life. I want to be more intentional with my choices, to be on a path to ‘somewhere’ instead of just going with the flow.

  55. What I really want to do this year is find a way to make enough money to quit my draining, boring day (actually night) job.

    I already paid for my class but if I win I know someone who wanted to take it but couldn’t afford to. I’d love her to have the free class.

  56. My one little word for 2011 is move. I want to move my body, but also move my mind.
    Last year my word was grow. I needed grow in confidence and be more willing to speak up to tell people what I needed instead of just trying to please everyone and make everyone else happy. I made a good start, but I still have work to do. I think this course would help me with my goals and I would love to win.
    Lisa’s last post … That Positive Emotion- GratitudeMy Profile

  57. I would love to win…living mindfully is an ongoing goal of mine.
    Cate’s last post … We Have a New Couch!My Profile

  58. Hey Amber, I would love to take your course but we are way too tight on funds to allow it at the moment. All your guest speakers are amazing and real women I can look up to. I’m building my business this year and trying to prove to myself & my hubby that I can make an income doing what I love. I think your course could really help inspire me and give me some direction as to how I can make it happen while still being present for my family.

  59. There are quite a few things I plan on doing this year to change my life for the better. I am attending at least 2 homebirths as a doula (not fully “certified” but close!), and I am getting married in April! I am in for an exciting year 🙂

  60. Anne Bresnahan says:

    This year I am going to focus on getting a home based craft business up and running while mindfully enjoying my son in his first year! I also would like to fit back in my pre pregger jeans 🙂

  61. What I’m doing this year? Living up to my full potential. 🙂
    ~Tara’s last post … 11 Permissions for 2011My Profile

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