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Today’s Thursday so I’m Crafting my Life! This month, I’m hard at work on the Crafting my Life e-course. Advanced discount registration for people on my email list ends this weekend, so sign up at if you haven’t already! While I work on that, I’m shaking things up over here. December’s theme is “crafting your life”, in which I welcome guest contributors to share their journey with you. This week, it’s the fabulous Sarah.

A large part of my life is spent working with others. From the kids at the preschool, interacting with clients via email, phone or in person, to keeping the daughter happy and healthy, and loving the husband (and friends and family), there’s not a lot of down time. Yeah, yeah – I’m not alone. I know most of you are crazy-busy people living the same type of life. But, when do you make “me” time? Really. When DO you make time for yourself? I want to know so I can do it, too!

Well, I started thinking about it, and decided I should figure this out myself. I shouldn’t rely on others to help fix me – I need to be able to fix myself. You see, I was starting to twitch a bit, to not be so shiny, and be a bit ornery. Let’s face it. I was a lot ornery.

Something had to give. It was time to change my ways and really get serious about taking care of me. “I” should be a big part of my life, just like working with others. At the end of the day I feel so fulfilled and proud to have helped and encouraged others in a positive way. It’s awesome to be working with young minds promoting creativity and healthy self-esteem. I’m glad that others find my writing informative and educational, and want to read and use my ideas. Most nights I sleep pretty snug-as-a-bug in my bed with a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside.

But, I was still getting a bit rough around the edges due to lack of “me” attention.

In fact, I needed a lot of assistance all over the place. My wardrobe consisted of clothes from 1990, my hair hadn’t been cut in quite awhile [Amber: 6 months for me], and I actually didn’t own any closed-toe shoes. Being a mom is awesome, but it totally sucks out all my motivation to be a hot-mama. I’d lost my internal drive to look good. It just didn’t matter anymore.

It was time for a “me” intervention.

I started by making an appointment at a salon and blocking off time for the husband to take care of our daughter. Both of these things instantly made me feel guilty (typical). But, I was determined, so I stuck to the plan. I shared with friends and family my intentions of getting to know “me” again and caring for myself. I figured if I told others about my plan, I would be more inclined to keep up with it (you know, that internal fear of disappointing others…).

The hair cut went well and it felt great to do something without the babe. I also did some shopping all on my own and purchased a real pair of shoes that didn’t go flip-flop. I gave myself an internal pep talk and promised myself I’d keep it up. It only takes a couple of minutes in the morning to toss on a quick application of mascara and shiny lip-gloss, right?

I stuck to it for a week. Then I was back in the yoga pants and living mascara free.

No, I didn’t fail. I finally realized that, yeah, I would love to look kick-ass every day of the week, but I don’t. How I look on the outside doesn’t change who I am on the inside. I’m not in high school anymore and even though the majority of the world
still judges the book by its cover, I’m a happy and well-adjusted human being.

My husband thinks I look hot, so I should, too.

During my “me” time experiment, I learned that it is important for me to make a date with myself once a month. I totally benefited from taking the time to do something just for me. But, putting extra stress on myself to “look the part” wasn’t
necessary. The kids at preschool don’t care that I’m not wearing the latest winter-trends. They just want to squish clay. My clients don’t care where I picked up my eyeliner. They want motivational articles.

So, at night when I’m all tucked-in-tight, I still fall asleep with a smile on my face and am way less testy the next day. I’ve found the way to balance my “me” time with my regular routine – and it’s working.

I’m still wearing the tinted lip-gloss, though. It makes me smile a little bigger.

Sarah is a part-time stay-at-home-mom to her daughter and part-time preschool teacher that likes to write a lot. When she’s not doing fun art activities with her babe or making something yummy in the kitchen, she’s busy cleaning, organizing, diapering, and working toward world-wide peace. Sarah has a degree in art education and has worked with kids of all ages for over 10 years. In her free time, Sarah likes to read books, take naps, and eat chocolate. You can find more of her writing at

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  1. I think it’s easy to get lost in all the Stuff that we need to do. It took me a bit to find myself after I had kids – and some may say I’m still looking – but I can tell you that I have not found myself in a new haircut or svelte clothes. That wasn’t me before I had kids so I doubt it will be me now. Whoever you are is great, and it’s important to know that.

    PS. I haven’t had a new haircut since April. Yeah. It may be time for a salon trip.
    Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves’s last post … Holiday Wishes For You and You and YouMy Profile

  2. I agree with Marilyn — both of you, really. I do make time to get my hair cut because I feel so crappy when I don’t, but I don’t worry about dressing well or wearing make-up in my day to day life. I try to concentrate more on getting some exercise, since that really is important for how I feel and what I show to my kids. But me time should be something that enriches your life, not something that you think other people expect from you.

  3. Me time is crucial, spent doing whatever makes you feel good, inside and outside.
    Francesca’s last post … Simple Christmas improvisingMy Profile

  4. Oh, gosh, Sarah, you hit a nerve here. I’ve been trying to create a minimalist wardrobe (which yes, mostly relies on yoga pants — but nice yoga pants — and minimalist self-care routine so that I can be a WAHM without also feeling like I look like an “old hag” (as I tend to put it) all the time. I like your idea of the once-monthly date with yourself. Thank you!
    Rachael’s last post … Merry Christmas!My Profile

  5. It is so true that if your mind *knows* the “date” with yourself is coming, it just relaxes. The way kids love routine and like to know what’s coming next…I firmly believe we are the same way.

    Thanks for sharing! Congrats on the shoes! I haven’t bought new shoes in way too long.

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