Cloth Diapers

As I mentioned yesterday we are using cloth diapers with Jacob. I made the decision, over my husband’s objections, for a few reasons. In spite of some conflicting evidence I think they’re better for the environment. They are super-cute and much easier to use than they used to be (no pins!). But most of all, in the long run it’s by far the cheapest choice.

Before I got started with cloth diapers I did some reading. You can find some good articles online that explain what types of diapers are out there, and discuss the various pros and cons. I like this one and this one. Then I checked out some online reviews to see what other people thought. Finally I went shopping online and ordered a few diapers to try out.

I bought my diapers new from some Canadian online shops. I shopped at Fluffy Bottom Babies, Cape Breton Baby Company, and New & Green Baby. If you wanted to do this more cheaply, you can buy second-hand at Diaper Swappers, on craigslist, or even at local kid swaps. By no means do your diapers have to break the bank.

Diapers, inserts, and wet bag

I ended up trying 11 different diaper styles and models. I tried contours and fitteds, pocket diapers and all-in-ones. I have tried diapers with snaps and diapers with velcro. One size diapers and sized diapers. I’ve also tried 4 different types of diaper covers, a wet bag for travel, and a reusable diaper pail liner. I can see why my husband thinks cloth is confusing! 😉

Diaper covers

So, what do I like? My current favourite diapers are Happy Heiny’s one size pocket diapers. They haven’t leaked on me yet! In fact, overall I have far fewer leaks with cloth, and almost no blowouts (they really contain messes because they’re so big). I also love my Wahmies wet bag and my JamTots one size hemp insert. But it changes, as Jacob grows I like some diapers more and less. I also use different diapers at night or when we’re out and about.

Our diaper drawer overfloweth

OK, so they’re cute, but the real issue is dealing with the dirty diapers, right? After all, you can’t just throw them away. And the laundry pail, doesn’t it smell? That’s what I was worried about, and it was Jon’s biggest concern about cloth diapers.

Jacob models his BumGenius 3.0

Jacob is still exclusively breastfed. This means that all of his diapers can just go directly in the wash. It also means that the smell isn’t bad at all. Once I got my diaper pail liner, which just gets dumped in the washer along with the diapers, things got much easier. There is a bit of regimen to laundry (pre-wash cold, regular wash hot, extra rinse cold), but it’s mostly manageable. My biggest problem is getting around to folding the clean ones, and then finding myself digging through the laundry basket with a screaming, naked baby under one arm. You may be more organized than I am, though. 😉

I’m glad I made the switch to cloth. I can definitely see a reduction in garbage compared to when Hannah was a baby. I don’t know if I’m really helping the earth, but I do know I’m not sending nearly as much to the landfill. It’s got to count for something, right?

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  1. that picture of jacob is soooo cute!!!!
    i just sold all the cloth diapers i tried and kate outgrew- it has financed the net batch andnow i know what i like!
    at least cloth have good relsale hey!

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