Cleaning up the Yard

You may have seen the video Jon posted yesterday, and wonder what’s up with the guy taking a chainsaw to our tree. The answer is really quite simple – we are fixing up our yard (at long last).

Ever since we first walked through our house we knew that we wanted to do something about the yard. The back is mostly concrete RV parking, and the fencing is all in various stages of falling down. The old railroad ties that edge our garden are crumbling, our trees are overgrown, the back gate fell of its hinges, and our shed door won’t close. It’s not pretty, and it’s not a safe play area for Hannah.

We have undertaken a number of home improvement projects since we bought this house, but the yard has always been put off. If windows are leaking or stair railings are falling apart, they’re more critical. After all, a fence costs the same to replace no matter how decrepit. Finally, now that we have a 3-year-old we really needed a safe yard and so we decided to bite the bullet.

We had a hard time finding a landscaper. An ongoing search over the course of 6 months finally hit pay dirt on Monday, and work began on Wednesday. Soon I will post photos of the work in progress.

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