Callie Camp: Crafting her Life

A while back I told you about the super-cool BirthFest event coming up in Vancouver this Saturday. It’s a holistic pregnancy, birth and baby event, created by the Birth Lounge Collective. I’ll be there. If you’re local, you should totally come, too.

But that’s really not what I intended to talk about today. Or at least not all that I intended to talk about. Since today is Thursday, I’m Crafting my Life. And this week, I’m doing that by sharing an interview I did with the fabulous Callie Camp. Like me, Callie is an engineer. But then her first child was born, the company she was working for folded, and she headed in a new direction. Now she’s part of Fit 4 Two, leading fitness classes for pregnant and new moms in East Vancouver.

Callie has been part of the Birth Lounge Collective for a few years now, helping to organize BirthFest. You can bet that she’s one busy mama right now. But luckily she found some time to chat with me. We talked about changing direction, building a mothering community, and finding support as an entrepreneur. What is it like to go from being part of a large work team in an office to running your own business? How do you pick up all the skills you need as an entrepreneur? And how do you support the mothers that you’re working with? These are just some of the questions I asked.

It was great to talk to someone that I feel I share a whole lot in common with. As I spoke with Callie, I saw many parallels to my own life. I had a really great time, and enjoyed connecting with a local mama who is out there doing her Thing. Listen to the interview for yourself right here:

Now I’d like to turn it back to you. Tell me, where do you find support and community? How important is it to you to feel that someone has your back? And how do you offer support to others? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Great podcast, btw!

    I realised that I do place an incredible amount of importance on feeling that someone ‘has my back’ while completing a Mama Renew workshop series almost a year ago. Niggling thoughts crystallised as we talked about setting up community and network – for those two evenings my journal page sat almost empty as I realised how vacant or far-flung my support network actually was. I literally had no one who would catch me if I fell (not even my husband).

    Over the last year I’ve set out to ‘find’ my network, my support and happily realised that a lot of it was already there, I just wasn’t nurturing it. As a natural hermit, nurturing and maintaining friendships doesn’t come easy and I’ve held back from offering support because frequently I feel totally inadequate when depressed. I wouldn’t reach out for help as I felt I couldn’t reliably offer it in return. Overcoming the one has helped the other, and in no particular order. It has been hard work, and slightly alien to my natural personality. I’m usually very independent and self-reliant, preferring to keep myself to myself, but now there’s my son to think about. Following intensive household re-training (!), I now know that the domestic stuff won’t fall completely to pieces if I’m out of the picture. And with taking care of my own personal network, I know that friends have my emotional back, so to speak, as much as I am comfortable with.

    I’m supported and offering support in baby steps – it’s taken a year, it’s still a work in progress.
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  2. Thanks Amber, I had a great time in the interview (as you can tell from all my giggling!) Looking forward to seeing you at Birth Fest on Saturday!

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