Blessed Baby

This past Sunday was Jacob’s dedication ceremony at Beacon Unitarian Church in Port Coquitlam. Jacob’s grandparents, as well as his three great grandmothers, were there with us to mark his blessing. My children are so lucky to have so many of their extended family members nearby, sharing all of these occasions, small and large.

Jacob seemed to enjoy the ceremony. Always my serious boy he studied everything, taking it all in. He made eyes at everyone as the minister presented him to the congregation. He didn’t fuss or complain when the water was put on his head. In general, he comported himself as well as a 3 1/2 month old can, and then Jon walked him to sleep when he got tired.

Hannah found the whole thing a touch overwhelming. She clung to her Nan for dear life, and hid her face when the minister asked if she would teach her little brother things. We had practiced at home, but stage fright overtook her in the moment. She was overjoyed, though, when she got to keep the rose presented to her brother. Apparently, it’s just like Belle‘s.

As for me, I felt loved and supported, surrounded by family and friends and community. In Jacob’s honour the choir sang a beautiful Polish lullaby accompanied by the harp. Everyone was smiling at our little family, and I am amazed that I managed not to dissolve into a sobbing heap. This is the concluding prayer that we chose first for Hannah, and again for Jacob. It expresses the joy and responsibility that I felt in dedicating my children, naming them and pledging myself to parenting them (my thanks to this church for the words).

We are your children. Out of the infinite we have come to you, and through you. We are the old, yet ever new, miracle of incarnation.

Give us a chance to grow, within the warmth of your unfailing love, into souls sensitive to beauty, hearts open to love and hungry for the imperishable values of life. Do not shrink and wither us with fear, but quicken with faith the springs of courage within us.

Enter with us, through the gates of wonders, into the wider perspective of the morrow. Accept us, as we grow, into a community of mutual respect and shared responsibilities, that we, in our turn may be worthy fathers and mothers of the coming generation.

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  1. What a wonderful service it was. It made me think of the words in one of my favourite songs – When a Child is Born:

    A ray of hope flickers in the sky
    A tiny star lights up way up high
    All across the land dawns a brand new morn
    This comes to pass when a child is born.

    That, and keeping up with them keeps us young!

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