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I had a repeat ultrasound today, because my placenta was lying a little low during my last one at 18 weeks. The good news is that it has moved well up and out of the way, so I’m all clear for a natural delivery on that front.

I had a student tech today, so the exam was really long. Jon and I got to see all sorts of things – kidneys, stomach, heart, spine, hands and feet, bladder. Everything looks good, and the baby was a good size. Although this was just a double-check I made a good guinea pig, and so they measured everything. Because I am farther along than their usual clients my baby’s not able to move around so much in there, and I think that was the appeal.

To repay me for my co-operation, they gave us a whole bunch of photos. They also checked on the baby’s gender, and we are having a little boy! You can see all of the evidence for yourself here:

It's a boy!

So, there you have it. Our baby has a name – Jacob Theodore. Hannah keeps telling me how Jacob loves the big sister, and how she will have to help him do things. And I’m glad to know so that I can buy at least a few boy things, and save this poor baby from having to spend his first week in pink sleepers. It’s also marvelous to know one more thing about this little person who is keeping me awake at night with his kicks. Hooray for ultrasounds!

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