Babywearing Stash

The word ‘stash’ means different things to different people. If you’re a knitter, your stash is your yarn. If you sew, it’s fabric. Some people use it to refer to their cloth diapers. There are stashes of illicit drugs.

Today, though, I am talking about my babywearing stash. That is, my collection of baby carriers.

I have been taking a Salsa Babies class, which involves wearing your little one in a baby carrier and learning latin dance moves. It’s totally fun. For the class I have mostly been using one mei tai. However, from time to time I branch out and try another carrier. Inevitably a mom will say, “Oh, you have another one!” And I reply, “You don’t know the half of it!”

Today I am going to bare my soul, and let you know just how many baby carriers I own.

I have three woven wraps.
L-R: 4.1m Storchenweige Leo, 3.7m Didymos Jan, 4.6m Storchenweige Vicky

I have two mei tais that I made myself.
My own creations

I have two more mei tais that I bought.
L-R: Embroidered Freehand, Pocket Kozy

I have stolen am borrowing my friend’s podaegi, and it makes me feel like a babywearing rock star.
Custom podaegi from Upful Creations

I’ve sewn myself three pouch slings, one reversible cotton and two fleece.
My pouch slings

I use my beloved Maya Wrap regularly – this sling has seen me through 4 years and two babies (so far).
My Maya Wrap is my most faithful carrier

And I have a Beco Butterfly on order. I can’t wait to get it.

I also have some baby carriers that don’t see the light of day much, for various reasons. It’s a little sad, but that’s the nature of things I’m afraid. Baby carriers fall in and out of favour. I fall in and out of love. Sometimes I even pass an unloved beauty along to someone who will appreciate it more. It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all, even the ring slings.

So to the moms that ask, I do have another carrier. And another one, and another one, and another one …

I was inspired to write this by Stephanie over at Adventures in Babywearing, who is holding a stash link up. So now that you’ve admired my collection, head on over to see what other people are wearing their babies in.

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  1. LOVE your stash! I’ll have to get pics of mine and post them up today. I haven’t done a stash pic in quite a while.

  2. That podaegi is beautiful! I forgot I have one, too, somewhere… but that one is lovely! GREAT stash you have!


  3. i/we are humbled! we went thru a baby bjorn (great for after the c-section but too small to be comfortable very quickly as wee guy grew, verdict = expsive crap), three ring slings (loved these, especially the first one which i lost – used them mainly once wee guy could sit on my hip, and great for air travel/airport transits) and a First Journey which was the best one for my husband. we also had a frame backpack which was a great addition for hiking and snowshoeing adventures. my first christmas adaptive snowboarding sessions saw me out on the trails (on foot) with wee guy in a ring sling zipped up inside a huge ski jacket. the next year he was in a chuck roast all-in-one fleece suit in the back pack. both worked well.
    sadly no stash as they are all (except for one ripped ring sling which i now use for the guinea pigs) carrying new babies somewhere else in the world

  4. Love the pod!

  5. Holy Cow!! See my “stash” is pitiful. I so want a mai tei to try out (I’ve tried a friend’s and it never fits me well – but I find I really need to play with them a bit to get comfy) and that becco looks super cute!

  6. I will have to show my husband this–you're way ahead of me!

  7. Feel free to use me as justification. 🙂

  8. Mama Rissa says:

    Love the podaegi! ADORABLE! I can see why you’d feel like a rockstar in it 😉 AND, I LOVE your embroidered Freehand! Yum yum yum!

  9. Neat stash! 🙂 That’s neat that you make your own carriers! 🙂

  10. The Beco one is so cute!!!

  11. Hey, they’re more useful than stamps or coins.

    Wonder if my six-year-old would fit in that podegi…

  12. Beautiful stash! I LOVE my Beco and you will too!

  13. what a fabulous stash!
    I’m hoping to get a mei tai or a podegi next!

  14. I love your stash and the salsa class sounds like a lot of fun!

    I sooo wish I could sew!!!

    Loved checking your blog out!

  15. I am so impressed that you sewed those mei tais! If you ever make another, please consider taking photos and putting together a tutorial to feature in the “how to” collection on my blog, all for a link back and the thanks of happy babies and mamas everywhere 🙂

  16. Wow you have an impressive stash. And I am so impressed that you made your own mei tais and slings.

    The carrier that you borrowed from your friend is beautiful.

  17. I LOVE my Beco, hope you enjoy yours also! You have a great stash!

  18. Valerie says:

    You have a lovely stash!! I love all the colors!! And you made your own, I am so impressed!!

  19. We have pretty much the same Kozy except the fabric on the pocket is different. I love it!

  20. Oh my…that’s a stash all right!!!

    I think you should (as a writing assignment 😉 do a lengthy piece comparing/contrasting all the different carriers, and submit it to Consumer Reports!!!

    Clearly you deserve an honorary degree or something in this particular area 🙂

  21. Wow, gorgeous! I just have the one (Rockin’ Baby Pouch) and it doesn’t get much use these days.

  22. You have a Jan! How cool; we have a Jan too (5.2). Don’t meet many others. 🙂

    Lovely stash, and how cool you can make pouches and mei tais; my sewing skills weren’t enough for more than a gathered shoulder ring sling (one of our favorite carriers, though!).

    Ah, I miss getting to babywear more than once a full moon. Still keeping all the carriers though!

  23. wonderful stash and i loved the podaegi

  24. hi. thanks for stopping by! you have a nice stash. i really want to try making my own mei tai some day. we’ll see. that podaegi is cool!

  25. Wow! Salsa babies sounds like soooo much fun!!! I made a mei tai once! It was pretty easy, too. Here’s mine:

  26. Okay, so what do you think of the woven wraps? My friend has a Moby but it makes me hot.

  27. Great stash!
    I would love to make my own wrap/Mei Tai too? did you just wing it or did you buy a pattern?

  28. that’s awesome, I’ve got like 4 different carriers that I’ve made and I don’t even have little ones of my own (just for the nieces)

  29. wow! I am impressed, lol!

    I’ve had a bjorn, and a lucky baby sling (which I adored), and another reversible sling I made myself and I thought that was a lot!

  30. WOW Amber I’m envious of your lovely stash of baby carriers 😉
    We just had the jellybean one.

  31. I love your stash. I would love to be able to make Mei Tais like your’s. I am not too talented with the sewing machine, though.I am hosting a HAVA sling giveaway, if you are interested: Blessings!

  32. I’m jealous of your stash. My husband already thinks I have too many carriers and I only have one bjorn (that I never use), a pouch sling, a mei tei and an ergo. I’ll get a wrap when I have a new baby one day

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