Jacob Theodore Strocel

Jacob Theodore Strocel

Born on August 13th, 2008.
3:11pm at Ridge Meadows Hospital, Maple Ridge, BC
7 lbs, 10 oz.

Amber called me at 12:20pm, I was working at Global. Made it home, she was 3 minutes apart. We got to the hospital and into the delivery room with about an hour to spare. Mom and Baby are doing great. It was a perfect day, couldn’t have gone any better.

There will be more to write soon but more pictures can be found here.

I’m such a nerd

Yes, I’ve been doing the TV Sports thing for quite awhile, and should be a lot more jaded, but I still think this is cool. It was still on my Tivo, this is a frame grab of the end credits of the Stanley Cup Final.

This year I got to do games in Vancouver (lots), Dallas, Phoenix (twice), and Denver (2 playoff games). For a hockey fan, that’s a pretty cool gig.

HNIC Credit

The Landscaping has started

Today the transformation of our house has begun. Here’s a look.

Video from James and Sara’s Wedding

At James and Sara’s reception, James created a great slide show with their childhood photos to show. Here it is…

Hannah the Fairy

Playing with iMovie today, seeing what I could make with my favourite subject.

Charlie bit my finger

Apparently this is the catch phrase of the week amongst the 12 year old set. These are the things I learn killing time before we start the show on Hockey Night in Canada…

Hannah Going to Bed

This is Hannah as of two minutes ago, we’re on our way to bed. You can tell me if it’s going well or not 🙂

Hannah and the Pull-up Hat
Hannah and the Pull-up Hat

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