And He’s Off!

A couple of months back I mentioned that Jacob was very close to crawling. Since then he’s advanced quickly through your basic stages of motion, and has almost mastered the cross-crawling. He’s getting really good at moving around, and if he sees something he wants he’s surprisingly quick. The little guy’s even starting to pull himself up to standing.

I remember when Hannah became mobile. I felt busier than I had ever been in my life. Every day she could move just a little bit faster, or reach just a little bit higher. And although I have memories of those days, it’s not until you’re back in the thick of it that the never-ending-ness of keeping your little explorer safe comes flooding back. It’s sort of like labour that way. (Total aside – I just read Hannah’s 9 month update and smiled. This is the difference between a 1st and 2nd time mom, I catalogued which consonant sounds Hannah could make, including some she sort of couldn’t.)

Climbing to the piano
Jacob pulling himself up to standing to reach the piano

To make things even more, erm, exciting, Jacob’s also mastered his pincer grip. This means he can crawl around and locate small objects, which are then transferred to his mouth with increasing dexterity. I am usually able to catch him before he actually swallows the objects, but not always. Yesterday morning he managed to eat something (I’m not even sure what) from under Jon’s chair at the table. Given the location, I am reassuring myself it was likely just stale food of some sort. Probably edible at the very least. Right?

Making a mess together
Hannah helping Jacob to destroy the container cupboard

So yes, Jacob’s crawling, and yes, I’m very busy. And no, I’m not entirely sure which consonant sounds he can sort of make. What’s my point? This is really all background info, so that you will appreciate the story I am going to share with you next. It’s the sort of story that will cause all of you parents to nod in recognition.

Getting into the plant
Jacob going for one of our few surviving houseplants

A few days ago I was in the bathroom and Jacob was playing on the floor. I don’t get to pee by myself anymore, it’s one of the joys of parenthood. Anyways, I flushed and turned to wash my hands. Now, it doesn’t take that long to wash your hands. But by the time I turned back I saw that Jacob had crawled over to the toilet and pulled himself up to standing. And since I hadn’t had the foresight to close the lid the little guy was playing in the water. I was really surprised that my 8-month-old could move that quickly, and perform that sort of physical feat.

And no, I didn’t get a photo of that one. I might snap evidence when a big mess is made or a child is covered in carob chips. But I draw the line at allowing my baby to play in the toilet while I go and find the camera. I grabbed that boy as quickly as I could and scrubbed his little hands very, very thoroughly. Which he enjoyed, given how he loves to play in the water and all. 😉

My fellow parents, please help me out. I’d love to hear the mischief your newly mobile babies got into. It would make me feel ever so much more normal, and less negligent.

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  1. Emma was about Jacobs age when I learned that she could crawl up stairs. She had never met a set of stairs though because I always kept the baby gate up. But, I was in a rush running around, trying to get everything together for us to get out of the house and I guess I took the gate down without even thinking. I went pee and came out to the living room to put Emma into her car seat and she was gone! I mean, I panicked she was so gone. I raced up our 12 stairs with a landing and a bend in them and found her in Mckenzi’s room – the last place you would want a baby to be! She was like grease lighting I tell you. When I thought about it, it scared me to death thinking about her crawling up those stairs all on her own…she could have really hurt herself if she fell! But she didn’t.

    Emma was super fast – she really didn’t crawl for all that long as she was walking at 10 monhts…like it looks like Jacob will be. It made it nicer that she could walk herself out to the car…as I was a fat waddling pregnant person again at that point. But, she did fall down ALOT and was bruised ALOT in comparision to Hannah who took her time walking (11.5 months).

  2. I’ve got a good one for you.

    Unfortunately I can’t claim that Boopie was newly mobile… she started walking at 9 months, and this was at about 18 months, but nevertheless….

    I was showing her how mommy uses the potty, to get her prepared for upcoming potty training. While I was showing her how mommy wipes, she was pointing and laughing, and I laughed, and smiled, and then got up to flush the toilet.

    Within SECONDS, that little darling managed to reach her hand into the toilet, pull OUT the toilet paper, and put it in her mouth.

    I nearly died.

  3. Yeah I have a potty story too. My toddler had used her little potty and not let me know about it, and I came upon the crawling baby, kneeling and playing and splashing in the toddler’s pee. She thought it was grand fun!

  4. The toilet is Brooklyn's favourite new thing. On Friday Brooklyn was running around with her Easter eggs (little plastic ones filled with cereal left by the Easter Bunny) I was finishing dishes and heard Brooklun go down the hall. Lately she likes pulling out diapers and bringing them to me , so I didn't think much of it. Then came that quiet. I went down the hall and found the bathroom door open and her washing her eggs in the toilet. Ed tried to pull her out, but I convinced him leave her and grab the camera. We messaged all the aunties the pictured!

  5. It finally dawned on me that my wee guy was mobile when i heard a soft plop sound behind me, as of a small sack of potatoes being dropped on the floor, followed a microsecond or two later by a wail of enormous proportions.
    Until that morning he hadn’t shown any interest in self propulsion apart from some impressive abdominal crunches into an upright position. Apparently he had decided to vary his calisthenics by crawling backwards off the (high) bed.
    Mattress went down to ground level, baby winded but not too bruised and life became busier (can’t remember how old though – mercifully blanked from mind).

  6. aawww, it looks like she’s helping him empty the cupboard. sibling team work!
    no rest for the tired, right?

  7. Amelia loves water as well (I think bathtime is her absolute favourite time of day) and will make a beeline for the cats food and water dish whenever she can. She’s stopping and looking at me when I say “Amelia, no” so I know she’s starting to comprehend her name and simple instructions…not that she follows them!

    My best horror story is being in the basement sittng my computer and hearing a *thump*. I go upstairs to find Amelia hanging out at the top of the stairs, just sitting and looking at me. Since she has tried to crawl down numerous times before I could stop her I was surprised to find her just sitting there. Needless to say, the baby gates were mounted ASAP.

  8. Alyssa

    When mine was a crawling baby, she once ate a cat dingleberry she found on the floor.

  9. The fascination with buttons, power cords, and power sockets. No fatal accidents yet, thank god.

  10. This is great stuff. It happens to all parents. It takes a kid only seconds to get into mischief. Tyler is only 5 months, but I’m sure I’ll have lots of stories to share in a few months from now.

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