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Amber Strocel BloggerHi, I’m Amber. I’m a teacher, dreamer, adult child of hippies, part-time poet and erstwhile engineer. I started this blog in 2003 when my husband Jon and I bought our first house, and I just kept writing. Along the way I’ve had babies, changed careers more than twice and logged a lot of posts. Those babies grew into thirteen-year-old Hannah and ten-year-old Jacob. They are more awesome than ice cream. We all live in the Vancouver area with our irrepressible cat Dorothy, our fish, and one overly dramatic snail.

I am on a continuing journey to create a more meaningful and purpose-filled life for myself. Along the way I’ve tried a lot of things. I embraced my inner earth mama, started sewing and knitting and built a garden. I baked my own bread, by hand, from scratch, before I got tired of that. For two years I lived without a TV. I created an online class for moms called Crafting my Life. I interviewed anyone who would talk to me. I became the editor of a local online magazine. And eventually I decided to go back to school and become a teacher.

Today I like to dance with my kids in the kitchen. I drink a lot of tea and more coffee than I should. I teach kids how to code, and spend as much time outside as I can. I still try to garden and I occasionally make things. I ski a lot and ride my bicycle sometimes. I write poetry when I’m feeling stressed. And I occasionally frequently sneak chocolate when no one’s looking.