A Hairy Tale

I went a very long time without a haircut after my son Jacob was born. I went in for a trim in June 2008, when I was 7 months pregnant. It was lovely. I realized at the time it would probably be more than a few months before I made it in again. After all, I would be juggling two children, one of whom would be dependent on me for sustenance. I was aiming for Christmas, or thereabouts, for a return visit.

And then Jacob was born in August and life happened. I made the occasional noise about getting a haircut. But between the every day crazy-busyness of life and my husband Jon’s chaotic work schedule, it was very difficult to find a good time. Plus, it was never really at the top of the list. And so the months wore on, and on, and on.

When Jacob was first born, this is what my hair looked like:

And after 9 months of neglect from me and downright abuse from my baby, this is what my hair looked like yesterday:


It was reaching catastrophic proportions. Not even because it looked so bad. Although the ends weren’t in great condition it was hardly horrible. It was more of a problem because of me. I was sick of it. Looking at it every day I felt acutely aware of just how long it had been since I had done something for myself. Something that had no obvious benefit beyond my own happiness. Every time it got caught under a baby carrier strap or I worked to brush its length I felt a little sad.

So I took my friend up on her offer to come to the hairdresser with me. She called the woman who cuts her hair and got back-to-back appointments. I didn’t get a wash or a style, just a cut. And Jacob was fairly distraught throughout most of it, since he didn’t understand why I wouldn’t hold him and let him bounce on my knee. But he wasn’t damaged, and neither was I. Then I was able to return the favour and wrangle my friend’s 2-year-old while she also got a new cut.

Here is the result:


It just feels cleaner to me, and lighter. As if I have actually made an effort to care for it beyond washing it and then letting it air-dry. I looked at the pile of hair as the hairdresser swept up and felt…liberated.

Although I do have to admit that looking at that photo, I am reminded that I have never gotten over my love of Jennie Garth’s hair in the early ’90s.

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I hear high-waisted jeans are in again, so maybe my hair is actually very ‘now’. Or maybe it just betrays my age. I don’t really care, I’m happy either way. Because I got a haircut, and now my life is all sunshine and roses. 🙂

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  1. I like the bangs Amber! The hairdresser did a great job. I too have been in love with Jennie’s hair since the 1990s. LOL. Everything is making a comeback- high-waisted jeans, neon colours… just as long as designers stay away from shoulder pads I think we’ll be ok 😉

  2. congrats! looks great.

  3. Great! Glad you got to do something for yourself. I got my hair cut last week too, and it feels like my head is ready for summer weather.

  4. You look great in all the pictures. I love the comparison to Jennie Garth, hilarious.

    Didn’t it feel good to take time for you? I got my haircut (first in 7 months) about 2 weeks ago. It just felt good to have someone take care of me.

  5. Hi it’s me again. I just wanted to let you know that when I subscribed to your feed via my Google Reader, for some reason it subscribed twice. I removed one of the subscriptions. If you see that I unsubscribed, it’s only because I had two subscriptions.

  6. You look great honey! Also, I thought you’d enjoy this picture of a pregnant Jennie Garth hauling a load of stuff out of Ikea. Pregnant, at Ikea, probably cursing her husband to bring the damn car already, bring back any memories?


  7. Mom on the Go says:

    My hair was short when my daughter was born and so I couldn’t wait as long between cutes. I have a clear and uncomfortable memory of wearing the hairdresser’s cape and nursing my daughter when she was small. It seemed so wrong not to be able to see her when she nursed. It felt so impersonal to me although she was just happy to nurse.

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