8 Months Old

Hannah is 8 months old today. The past month held a lot of changes. We found a daycare, and started making plans for my return to work. Hannah cut her first two teeth, started swimming lessons, and exhibited some early separation anxiety :-(. Hannah also developed much better muscle control. She can lunge, pivot, hold herself up on all fours, and walk (when well-supported by an adult). Jon and I both predict that she will be crawling within a couple of weeks. Anyone else care to place a bet? 😉

Hannah also grew a lot in height, tried a lot of new foods, and really got the hang of eating solids. She still only eats a few tablespoons every day, but she seems to understand the process much better, and will gobble up her favourite foods pretty quickly. She also loves to gnaw on apple cores, and happily grunts and flaps her arms when she sees me eating an apple. Apparently, mom’s food is for sharing. 🙂

Hannah’s temperament is also maturing. She is much better at communicating her needs and wants to us through sounds, gestures, and facial expressions. Overall she’s also a much happier baby than she used to be (which was not at all, I’m afraid). She smiles and laughs at lots of things. Hannah has her own sense of humour now, and it sadly lacks refinement. Oh well, she’s just a baby, right?

Here is a picture of our girl, taken today:

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