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Mat Leave Monday

I’m currently on maternity leave. My last day at work was two and a half months ago. Between my 12 months and leave and my accumulated vacation time I won’t be back at the office until sometime in September 2009. Which is awesome. More than 13 months to dwell in babyland without penalty is possibly one of the best parts of being Canadian. Yay for us!

The only downside to mat leave is that, sometimes, just a little bit, you miss the chance to do something grown-up and thinky. You know, like participate in a meeting or solve an intellectual problem. Right now I solve plenty of problems, but they’re more like untying knots for my 3-year-old or changing my baby’s poopy diaper to get rid of that smell. It’s very fulfilling in a deep and meaningful way, but it’s also sticky and gooey and involves way too much screaming.

So I’ve developed this grand plan to exercise my brain during my time at home. I’m going to share the travails of mat leave with you here. On Mondays. Because ‘Mat Leave Monday’ has alliteration, and the word alliteration is grown-up and thinky. What kind of stuff will I talk about? I was thinking about things like activities I’m doing with my kids to get us out of the house. How I’m balancing my finances while I’m not making my usual salary. My constant wrestles with my company’s remote email access. It will be riveting, I promise you. You will not be even slightly bored with my unabashed navel-gazing. Or maybe you will, but don’t tell me, OK?

I’m also planning, in the next few months, to upgrade the website and install all kinds of fancy features. We’ll see how it works out. I’m telling myself that I am an engineer, gosh darn it, and my job involves PROGRAMMING COMPUTERS. I can figure out how to build a fancy-dancy blog without my husband’s help. I know I can!

So, check back often. Big things are afoot. Unless I lose interest or become too involved in playing with my kids, which is likely. But today, today I have big plans. 🙂

Loving Poot & Boogie

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a big fan of Natural Pod, a BC-based natural toy store. I particularly love the natural dolls they carry – I’ve already documented my Bamboletta love. And now they’ve added Poot & Boogie to their collection.

There’s a custom order option, which is awesome, so I sent away my request hoping I could get it in time for Christmas. Leanna was lightning fast though, and I was able to pick up the doll at the event today.

You can choose pretty much everything about your custom doll – hair colour, eye colour, clothing, hairstyle. In fact, they now have a really great custom order form up at Natural Pod.

Because I knew what sort of doll I’d requested, I recognized her immediately when I got there to pick her up. I’m so happy with how she turned out!

Leanna even added a special touch to the back, just for Hannah.

And of course, we also got the little bag to carry our Poot & Boogie in.

I’m really happy with this experience, and I hope that Hannah loves this doll as much as I do! We’ll just have to wait until Christmas to find out.

Wrapped in Love

People have been very generous with our family since Jacob arrived. We have received some truly beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Everything from food, to baby clothes and toys, to gifts for Hannah to make the new big sister feel special.

One truly remarkable gift, though, is a hand-knitted blanket from my dear friend Kirsten.

When she discovered that I was pregnant, she planned out a baby blanket to knit. She decided on garter stitch, and a log cabin design. We didn’t know if the baby was a boy or girl, so she ordered the undyed yarn but didn’t start right away.


Once we got the news that a little boy was on the way she hand-dyed the yarn in 20 different shades of blue. Then she spent months working on the blanket, and even offered a reward for other knitters who helped.


The finished blanket is just so beautiful, it’s a true heirloom. At the risk of being an inexcusable cheeseball, I just feel that I’m wrapping Jacob in love when I use it. It is one of those baby blankets that I will tuck away carefully when he’s too old to use it, and save it against the hope that one day I will have a grandson who can share this treasure.

Small Head?

Poor Jacob had his 2-month shots today. No fun for the little man, and no fun for Mama, either. I am happy to report that he came through it with flying colours, though, and is the picture of 2-month-old health.

Except for his small head.

Jacob is now 13lbs, 0.5oz, and almost 24″ long. He’s at the 80th percentile for both weight and length, so he’s growing well. His head circumference, on the other hand, clocks in at the 40th percentile. This really doesn’t mean anything, other than he has a small head. I think Hannah’s head was around the same size as Jacob’s, and we know she’s fine. It just shocks me because both Jon and I have rather large heads. And don’t get us started on good old Uncle James – the man’s noggin is tremendous (love you, James!).

Ah well, I’m off to see if my little man of the tiny head will take a nap. Wish me luck!

Things you Forget

Having another baby, I’m suddenly remembering a lot of things that I’d forgotten. Like how very small and soft a newborn is. How they’re not in control of their limbs. How very traumatic a diaper change can be.

I’m also remembering silly things. Like how fast those little fingernails grow.
Little hand

Seriously, I feel like I’m clipping them every few days, and Jacob does not enjoy the experience.

And the baby socks, how they never stay on their little feet.
Baby socks

How they sleep all the time, and yet you can never put them down for more than 5 minutes before they’re awake.

Ah, baby days. I know it will all be over far too soon.

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