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Bamboletta Love

Even before I had kids I had a thing for Waldorf dolls. In fact, I had a thing for all Waldorf toys. A bit ironic considering I left Waldorf school, at age 6, because I wanted a more academic focus. I did still spend a couple of formative years immersed in this world, though, and so I hold a place in my heart for these beautiful and thoughtful playthings. I can also appreciate a system of education that values creativity and freedom of thought over plastic and TV and Disney princesses and sticker charts.

So it’s not a huge shocker that I found myself at an event put on by Natural Pod, a fabulous local shop, in December 2006. And while I was there I met Christina, the woman behind the fabulous Bamboletta dolls. I wanted one for myself, I will admit it. I found them compelling and beautiful and I was simply delighted to find someone making and selling them locally. I didn’t buy one that day, because Hannah was too young and I don’t think I could justify that sort of purchase for myself. But I did custom-order a baby doll for Hannah’s second birthday. You can see the doll, along with the toy diaper bag I sewed, here:

With her new dolly and diaper bag

A little over a month ago tragedy struck when Hannah ripped the arms off her baby doll. I had no idea how to fix it, and I was afraid of ruining it. I got in touch with Christina, she graciously agreed to repair the damage, and I sent the doll off to Vancouver Island for some TLC. Today, we were able to meet back up at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market. I picked out a blanket doll for the baby, and Hannah eyed the mermaids wishfully. Christina remembered Hannah and me on sight, and it was lovely to see her. It feels great buying such great playthings from a mom following her passion and putting so much time and effort into the items she produces. What can I say? I love Bamboletta dolls!

Yard Work and Belly and Hannah, Oh My!

Things are a-happenin’ here at the Strocel house. The landscaping work is progressing at a nice clip, and you can really see how the back yard is shaping up now. I think it looks great, I’m very happy with our landscaper.

Meanwhile, the construction project in my abdomen also seems to be racing ahead at a good clip. This baby is starting to feel pretty big, I can only imagine how large I will feel in another 12 weeks (if I make it to my due date). My books tell me the baby weighs in at about 2 1/2 pounds now, and has an excellent chance of survival if he was born today. Here’s what I’m looking like right now:

28 week belly
28 week pregnant belly

A house that’s undergoing renovations and contains a 3-year-old and a pregnant lady is never a dull place, that’s for sure!

Kid Funny

Hannah is 3, and loves the Disney princesses. I do not, but I make allowances for her preferences. She’s become familiar with the song “Someday my Prince Will Come” from Snow White. Only, she doesn’t get it quite right. The other day I overheard her singing:

Monday, my prince will come.
Monday we’ll meet again …

It seems that in Hannah’s version, she was able to nail down more specific details as to her meeting with the prince. Good thinking, if you ask me.

Yard in Progress

The work on our yard continues apace. This week our contractor took a jackhammer to several sections of our concrete ‘RV parking’. In some places it was up to a foot thick – eep! He also got to work laying paving stones. At this point we have about half of our patio. In a couple of weeks, with luck, we should have a finished yard.

Big Baby News

I had a repeat ultrasound today, because my placenta was lying a little low during my last one at 18 weeks. The good news is that it has moved well up and out of the way, so I’m all clear for a natural delivery on that front.

I had a student tech today, so the exam was really long. Jon and I got to see all sorts of things – kidneys, stomach, heart, spine, hands and feet, bladder. Everything looks good, and the baby was a good size. Although this was just a double-check I made a good guinea pig, and so they measured everything. Because I am farther along than their usual clients my baby’s not able to move around so much in there, and I think that was the appeal.

To repay me for my co-operation, they gave us a whole bunch of photos. They also checked on the baby’s gender, and we are having a little boy! You can see all of the evidence for yourself here:

It's a boy!

So, there you have it. Our baby has a name – Jacob Theodore. Hannah keeps telling me how Jacob loves the big sister, and how she will have to help him do things. And I’m glad to know so that I can buy at least a few boy things, and save this poor baby from having to spend his first week in pink sleepers. It’s also marvelous to know one more thing about this little person who is keeping me awake at night with his kicks. Hooray for ultrasounds!

Smart Cookie

I try to avoid talking up Hannah too much. This isn’t because I don’t love her – I really, really do. It’s because of the negative results that come with constant praise. I don’t want Hannah to grow up to be someone who expects positive feedback all the time, because she won’t always get it and that’s OK. Not everyone will like you, and even those who do like you won’t think you’re the prettiest, nicest, most perfect girl in the world. As much as I think she’s just the best, she’s really just another kid to everyone else, and they don’t want to hear about her every perfection either.

But sometimes, she blows me away and I can’t contain myself. I knew that I wasn’t getting breakfast in bed this morning, or some kind of pampering spa treatment. But a kid who sleeps in on Mother’s Day – now that’s a brilliant child. I’m off to make myself something to eat, and revel in the quiet. 🙂

Happy Mom’s Day!

May Days

The April showers have done their work, and now we have May rhododendrons:

Another sign that it’s early May in our neck of the woods is Spring Cleaning – the mother of all garbage days, when you can leave practically anything by the curb without penalty. Hand in hand with this ritual shedding of excess junk comes scavenging, when we truly learn that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. We had a few items that I was sure would be picked up by those with sharp eyes, and I was right. In the end, though, I was surprised by exactly what went and what stayed. Here’s a summary:

– Solild wood coffee table
– Old, but functional, vacuum cleaner
– Legless baby gate
– Old plastic planters
– Kitty litter box
– Lid from our barbeque

Left behind:
– Old figure skates, women’s size 7
– Old roller blades, men’s size 11
– Old potty chair
– Seat cushions, four each indoor and outdoor
– Small pet carrier
– Remainder of the barbeque

The barbeque thing is particularly puzzling, because there seems to be a trend. Every barbeque that I saw out for spring cleaning, 3 in our neighbourhood and a couple in other parts of Coquitlam, was missing either the lid or the entire top cooking compartment. In all cases the grills and bases were left behind. Why? Are they scavenging for materials? Is there some other purpose for the top off the barbeque? I am left scratching my head. If you know what’s up with this rampant barbeque beheading, I would love to hear it.

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