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Big Baby

This baby is getting bigger. We had a midwife appointment a couple of days ago and my fundal height is 25.5cm, so I’m measuring about a week ahead. The heartrate was up over 160, although at the 20 week appointment it was at 150. As for me, I have gained a grand total of 11 pounds so far, which is actually not super high. Of course, I gained 6 in the first 20 weeks and 5 in the last 4 weeks, so I may be picking up steam. 😉

My books tell me that the baby weighs over a pound now, and is almost 12 inches long. There’s been a real growth spurt in the past few weeks as the kicks have moved from my belly button up to my ribs. I don’t really look much bigger, but I feel much bigger. Bending over is starting to be a challenge. And everything’s shifted upwards, as my budding soccer star has shot up. Here’s how I’m looking right now:

24 week belly

The Landscaping has started

Today the transformation of our house has begun. Here’s a look.

Bye Bye Sippy Cups

Yesterday the Minister of Health announced that Canada is going to ban baby bottles containing bisphenol A. All week there’s been talk that Health Canada was going to declare this chemical a toxic substance, and many retailers voluntarily pulled water bottles, sippy cups, and baby bottles off their shelves in advance of the official announcement. In the end, the focus was on baby bottles because newborns are the smallest and most vulnerable members of society. Also, because formula is routinely heated in bottles, the risk of dangerous chemicals leaching from the plastic is higher.

I recently purchased a stainless steel water bottle myself, and I’ve been using that. But I was curious about Hannah’s sippy cups, so I googled the manufacturer. I found a statement on their US website defending bisphenol A. I ended up chucking the sippies – Hannah is 3 after all and really doesn’t need them anymore. I also learned that our bottled water is delivered in containers that contain this chemical, so I’ve been drinking tap water. I’m sure that I’ll get over the chlorine taste in short order.

I’d heard about bisphenol A, or BPA, in some of my hippie mama circles. Although I was concerned, I sort of dragged my feet because I didn’t really want to go through the hassle of sourcing alternatives. But now I’m pregnant and I have a small child and the federal government is saying something, so I’m taking some action. I hope that as people become aware of this issue that we will see more alternatives to BPA-containing plastics. Especially from my bottled water company, because you know that Hannah and I love our water cooler. Fresh cool water that a preschooler can get herself ROCKS, and Hannah is in no rush to give that up.

Ditching the Pull-Ups

Hannah’s been toilet trained during the day for more than 6 months now. At this point I feel confident taking her everywhere in underwear, and accidents are increasingly rare. Really, this has been one of the best milestones for me, and makes just going through our day so much easier.

Of course, this is only part of the process. For many many months we still had Hannah in pull-ups at night. At the same time, I was growing ever more pregnant and considering the logistics of dealing with late pregnancy and the newborn period alongside changing sheets at 4am. I decided to bite the bullet and let Hannah wear underwear at night a few months ago, with the thought that if it didn’t work now, it was going to have to wait a long time.

Hannah was totally game. She kept asking me to wear underwear to bed, and I kept putting her off. At a friend’s recommendation I bought a couple of waterproof pads that go over top of the sheets so that if she did wet the bed I wouldn’t have to be re-making it in the middle of the night. When I told Hannah that she would be able to wear underwear to bed she was excited and declared her undying love for the pad.

So, how has it gone? At times, not so well. In the first few weeks she wet the bed 8 or 10 times, and once she even did it twice in the same night. She only managed to hit the pad about 25% of the time, but I worked around that by sticking the dry pad over the wet spot and waiting until morning (she does have a waterproof matress pad so we are covered that way). I attempted to give up, and asked Hannah to return to pull-ups, but she refused. So, we talked some more about gettting out of bed if she needs to go, and I gave it another try.

Then we turned the corner. Pretty much overnight 😉 we started having far fewer accidents, and on many mornings I open Hannah’s bedroom door to find her awake and sitting on the potty. There’s been a slight increase in night-waking, but it’s a small price to pay for dry sheets. So, I’m cautiously optimistic. I expect that there will be periodic accidents for some time to come, but we haven’t used a pull-up in months and I’m ready to consider getting rid of the half-box we have left.

Now, I only hope that sharing this with the interwebs won’t jinx us, and lead to more night wetting. Fingers crossed.

Ho Hum

There’s not much to report on the home front. Things are pretty quiet for now. And, as my husband is leaving tomorrow to cover more playoff hockey in Colorado I am off to spend the evening with him. For now, I will leave you with my latest belly shot:

22 week belly shot

What’s in a Name?

Jon and I have chosen baby names. We’re actually pretty casual about the process. I come up with a list of 10 or so names each for a boy or a girl, and then run them past him. Then, together, we come up with selections that we can both live with. We chose Hannah’s name while we were watching the Athens Olympics, when I was only about 2 months pregnant. This time around we waited longer – we chose our names a month or so ago.

Our system is not without its flaws. The boy’s name that we chose when I was pregnant with Hannah lost its appeal to me by the time I reached the end of my pregnancy. Luckily, Hannah was a girl and so I dodged that bullet. Still, I’m not sure that if we’d spent months and months agonizing and debating that we could have made better choices. And, at heart, I’m a planner so I’m very happy to have names chosen early. What I’m saying is, I know this wouldn’t work for many people, but it works for us.

So, what do we consider when choosing baby names? Originality or uniqueness are not really factors for us. My name is fairly common now. And Jon, well, let’s just say that if I call his name in a crowded place no less than half a dozen men turn their heads in my direction. We’re also not looking to honour a particular cultural heritage or carry on a family tradition. Instead, we’re looking for names that will be easy to pronounce and spell, especially given the multicultural community we live in. We’re also looking for time-tested names that people will be familiar with, to prevent future teasing and embarassment.

Taking those criteria into account, what have we chosen this time around? We have unintentionally settled on two Old Testament names, which is funny because Hannah is also an Old Testament name that we chose for other reasons. So, they’re time-tested and people will know how to spell and pronounce them. They’re both pretty common, too. And we’re not aware of anyone else in our circle of family or close friends who has used them. What are they? Jacob for a boy, and Abigail for a girl.

We’re happy with our choices. Jon stipulated that he be allowed to refer to little Abigail as ‘Abby Jr’ – the nickname of Abbotsford Junior Secondary, the school where we met almost 20 years ago. Since that’s no worse than many a joke nickname parents give their children I agreed, and we’re settled. Now we just have to wait and find out which it will be, and who this little person is that is doing all that kicking. I can’t wait to find out.

Anticipatory Fear

Pregnancy is a funny time. Something is clearly going on – I can’t stand up quickly anymore, I’m slowing down, and there’s a little person doing somersaults in my belly. Change is afoot, and yet, nothing has really changed. I can go about my day, doing all the things I normally do, without a single thought of the impending baby. Sure, I occasionally feel a jab or bump into something with my ever-expanding midsection, but it’s more of an afterthought than something I take into consideration at any given moment.

I didn’t feel this way last time. When I was pregnant with Hannah I really thought that things had changed already. I clearly didn’t understand what life is like as a parent. Now that I have a real-life walking, talking child to take care of my universe has truly shifted. When I was waddling around and buying receiving blankets I was only anticipating change.

My fears are different this time around, too. With my first baby I was worried about lots of stuff, some of which seems pretty funny in retrospect. I wondered if I would be a good parent. I was terrified of sleep deprivation. I had some concerns about labour, and a fair few worries about the cat. I wondered how I would make mom friends. I wasted a lot of concerns over baby gear. I lived in constant fear that the baby would not be OK.

I do still have some of the same fears, mostly that the baby will be OK. I also have a few worries about labour, although this time they’re less about how the baby arrives than where Hannah will be and how she will handle the separation if I require hospitalization. I’m not at all worried about baby gear, I have mom friends, and the cat can fend for herself as long as we clean the kitty litter and feed her. I have strategies to deal with sleep deprivation, and I know that the early days don’t last forever. But now I have lots of fears about having two children.

The fact is, lots of the time I barely make it through the day with my 3-year-old. When everyone is cranky and hungry and we’ve already met our daily TV quota, things can get pretty hairy. When I’m at the library and my kid takes off past the book theft prevention sensors, and I’m left yelling for her to come back with an armful of books that haven’t been checked out yet, I wonder how I will possibly manage when I also have a baby to wrangle. I content myself by remembering that I am certainly a competent parent, and lesser people than I have managed, but I still can’t see how I’m going to make this work, how I will get through every day without losing my grip.

I know that others struggle with real issues every day, and many of my fears are sort of petty. I know that if I have two normal healthy children I will be very blessed indeed, and dealing with life’s daily slings and arrows is not exactly monumental work. Still, I know (and now that I have a child I really know) that the rug is about to be pulled out from under me, and I do want to prepare. I am a planner by nature, and this, this very big thing, feels like it needs a Very Big Plan. But you can’t really plan, because that’s not what having babies is about. Having babies is about taking what each day hands you and making the best of it. Having babies is about recognizing that this too shall pass, and that you will one day be wondering where the time went as you walk through an empty house. And mostly, it’s about having faith that no matter how woefully unprepared you really are, no matter how many mistakes you make, your little family will be OK as long as you all do your best and stick together.

So far it really has been OK, and very few of the fears that I had during my first pregnancy came true. With any luck I will find exactly the same thing this time around.

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