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Video from James and Sara’s Wedding

At James and Sara’s reception, James created a great slide show with their childhood photos to show. Here it is…

Wedding, the Redux

Eight days ago Jon’s younger brother James got married. His lovely bride was his long-time girlfriend Sara. Jon had the privilege of being a groomsman, and Hannah served as flower girl. Well, she mostly served, but she also spent time just generally being a 3-year-old.

Hannah and Jon fooling around

It was a lovely ceremony, and a fabulous reception, and we are just so happy for the newlyweds. You can see our snapshots from the big day here.

You Know You’re Pregnant When

How can you tell if a woman is pregnant? Well, an ultrasound is one way – in fact, I had one of those today. Look:

18 week ultrasound profile

Baby face at 18 weeks

But I have another way. Sit yourself down in front of an Oprah episode featuring Miley Cyrus (or, you can get the Wikipedia scoop here). Bring in 100+ screaming 10-year-old girls who are surprised when their idol shows up in person and performs for them. Then, just see how you react.

If you are vaguely horrified / mildly bemused / wondering who the heck Miley Cyrus is, you are not pregnant. If, on the other hand, you burst into tears because of the sheer raw emotion and barely manage to stop crying 30 minutes later so that you can appear sane when picking your daughter up from preschool, you may be pregnant. Not that I know from experience, or anything. 😉

What’s With That?

I’ve been pondering something recently. It is very profound. I have been wondering why on earth many bathrooms feature light switches that are outside in the hallway. In our early-80s house all 3 bathrooms are configured this way. And I can think of many other houses built around the same time with the same ‘feature’.

I can see no good case for having the light switch outside the bathroom. Other than friends or siblings who enjoy the joke of casting whoever is using the room in sudden darkenss, there’s no upside. So why are so many built this way?

I have no answers. I remain baffled. Perhaps I will have to track an experienced contractor down, just so that I can unravel the mystery.

Not Connecting

To understand this story, you need to know 2 things. First, our cat is named Dorothy. Second, Hannah is a big fan of The Wizard of Oz and has a Dorothy Gale costume.

We were watching Hannah’s friend Zia for a few hours the other night while her mom was at a yarny event. I overheard the two girls having a conversation about Hannah’s sparkly red shoes.

Hannah: Those are ruby slippers. They’re for Dorothy.
Zia: But cats don’t wear shoes.
Hannah: I know, I know. Those are Dorothy’s ruby slippers.
Zia: But cats don’t wear shoes.
Hannah: I know, I know. Those are Dorothy’s ruby slippers.
Zia: But cats don’t wear shoes.
Hannah: I know.

Maybe you had to be there to appreciate the humour, but I was howling.

Watch me Grow

We had a midwife appointment this week, and things look good. The baby’s heartrate was 160 beats per minute. My fundal height was 17cm, which is on track for being 16-17 weeks pregnant, as I am. Overall, things look good. We have our ultrasound scheduled for the week after next, so that will be the next baby-related update.

I have also taken a couple of belly shots. I’m planning to do them bi-weekly this time, and I’ve posted two. I’m definitely getting bigger more quickly this time, which is to be expected as everything has been pre-stretched. I don’t think I was quite this big until around 24 weeks last time. You be the judge:

16 week belly shot
16 weeks pregnant with baby number 2

Looking pregnant at 24 weeks
24 weeks pregnant with baby number 1

More good news, I’m not feeling quite as queasy anymore. And, I’m feeling the first little kicks from the baby. I alternate between excitement and fear. Excitement because, yay, a baby! Fear, because I can barely handle my 3-year-old. Big changes are afoot at our house, and that’s the only thing that’s for sure.

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