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Beating the Heat

What have we been doing to keep cool on the dog days of summer? Why, hanging out in the pool, of course.

Hannah and Mom hang out in the pool

Playing with Dad

Tomorrow, more photos of my sewing. My toy bags are getting more attention, and I’m just tickled. 🙂

Avocados and Mangos

As I’m sure you’ve all heard there’s a movement afoot to eat more local food, more of the time. By eating locally you’re supporting your local economy, producing less pollution (since your food isn’t shipped nearly as far), and eating fewer processed and packaged foods. In concept, I am a believer. Now that I’m visiting the farmer’s market regularly, and buying a lot of my food from SPUD, the average distance that my food is travelling from field to plate has decreased substantially.

There are some hitches in my plan, though. For instance, I like both wheat and sugar, neither of which are really grown locally. I am able to justify this because there is something to be said for efficiency. For growing things in suitable climates. Plus, these are stable products with a long shelf life, and they can be shipped using less impactful methods than many fruits or vegetables.

What can’t I give up, though? What do I buy, week after week, that will never grow here in the rainy northwest? Avocados and mangos. I love avocados and mangos. I live on avocados and mangos. I may eat BC potatoes, and freeze BC berries, but I simply cannot give up my avocados and mangos. So, I try to make other small changes, and hope that overall I’m making improvements, even if I fall far short of perfection.

Why no Updates?

Well, because I’m halfway through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, of course! I’ll be back with a bunch of pictures and anecdotes at the end of the week.

To Market, To Market

This year Hannah and I have been regular visitors at the Coquitlam Farmer’s Market. In part, this is because my good friend Kirsten is selling her fabulous yarn there every other week. In part, it’s because I just love the market.

My first visit to the market was in the fall of 2003, shortly after I moved to Coquitlam. Right off the bat, I thought it was great. Now that I have a reason to go regularly, and now that Hannah loves the market as well, I’m enjoying it even more. Today, for instance, was fabulous. The weather was warm, but not too hot. They had games for the kids, a fire truck, and a salmon BBQ. The author of 100 Mile Diet was there. A band was playing, fresh fruit is in season, and the place was packed with folks of all ages.

If you’re local and you haven’t checked this market out, you really should. It’s a gem, and it’s right in our own backyard.


Life at our house is just go go go!

Hannah’s been busy lately – daycare picnic, Golden Spike Days, climbing trees, and a trip to Granville Island.

Sunny day on Granville Island

I have been knitting.

Improvised wrap in Silk Maiden

And, last weekend, we all attended Aaron and Lauren’s wedding. Yes, the groom showed up, and the party was great.

Lauren makes her entrance

Mercifully, today is cooler than yesterday, so I can stand to sit here and post photos for your viewing pleasure. So, enjoy!

Reading Up

I’ve been missing in action. I have a bunch of photos to post, and exploits to update, but I don’t have time to do it tonight. Why not? Because I’m re-reading the first 6 Harry Potter books, of course. The 7th and final book is being released in 10 days, and I want to refresh my memory.

I’ll be back soon, though. I’ve almost done book 6, so then I’ll have more than a week to get back to blogging before I disappear again.

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