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Crafty MacCrafterson

When I was in grade 8, overbrimming with the confidence that can only come from making your own pillow case in Home Ec, I declared that I would sew my own wedding dress. I would start, right then, doing all sorts of sewing projects. By the time I got married I would be a super-star seamstress capable of creating the most beautiful white gown I could dream up.

Of course, I bought a couple of patterns and some fabric and nothing ever came of it. 13-year-olds are like that – easily distracted, flitting from one lifelong dream to the next. For some 15 years my sewing was limited to shortening pants, and a couple of minor home decorating projects.

Then I met my good friend Kirsten. She had sewn a few baby carriers, and I decided to try my hand at it as well. Of course, we all know about the obsession that followed. Then I started in on bags. Diaper bags, at first, and then tote bags, purses, zippered pouches, and on and on.

Now, anyone who’s met Kirsten her knows that her first love is knitting. She’s always working on everyone around her, subtly encouraging them to pick up some needles. She worked on me long and hard. I steadfastly pointed out that I was doing all this sewing, and couldn’t possibly find the time. And, since the sewing was sort of her fault, she capitulated. However, when she took up dying and spinning yarn, I could resist no longer. Dying and spinning yarn is so cool, but it’s also totally pointless if you have nothing to do with it once it’s ready. So, for Christmas Kirsten gave me a ball of hand-dyed yarn, the loan of a lovely pair of wooden needles, and a lesson.

So, yes, now I’m knitting. I’ve completed 2 scarves, and 1 kerchief. Between the knitting and the sewing, I’m a one woman handcraft machine. I’ve decided to catalogue my projects this year. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Hannah's scarf - my first ever knitting project

Ribbed scarf

Knitted kerchief

What I’m Drooling Over

Every mom has her favourite baby gear. Things that you spend hours drooling over on-line, agonizing over colour choices and price. Just for fun, here are a few of my current favourites:

BabyLegs – The cutest little leg warmers, in so many cool colours. We have 4 pairs, and I still want more.
See Kai Run – Fabulous toddler shoes, with really flexible rubber soles. Hannah has 2 pairs, and I’m already planning which ones to buy when she outgrows these ones.
Pediped – I haven’t seen these in person, and Hannah is really too old for them. But my kid has really small feet. 😉
Happy Heiny’s – We don’t cloth diaper, but some of these prints are cute enough that I’m tempted.
Cafe Press – Buy some really cool T-shirts, or design your own. They’re fabulous.

The Windows Are Going

This morning we’re getting all our windows ripped out and putting in new sealed vinyl units. Really looking forward to having the curtains not ripple when the windows are closed. Here’s a pic of what used to be the back sliding glass door. Can’t wait


Enough Already!

Today we had yet another huge dump of snow. This time it’s over a foot deep out there – it comes up to Hannah’s waist. Tons of this fluffy white powder, in a blanket over everything.

This is getting ridiculous. Yesterday we had a monster windstorm. Since it also happened to be garbage day, several empty garbage cans were blown all over the neighbourhood. Today, more snow. Tomorrow, an arctic front. I think somebody is trying to tell us something.

Our Christmas Portrait

This photo is late, because we’ve been re-building our computer, and we didn’t have all of the programs I need to edit and post photos. Yes, I edit my photos. This is the power of digital technology – your grandchildren will think you had perfect skin. 😉

Anyway, a belated look at our family at the end of 2006:

Welcome to 2007

I’m a little late with my New Year’s wishes. Since Hannah was born, however, I’ve learned how true that old axiom ‘better late than never’ really is. Playing catch-up, and not always suceeding, is part of life with a small child. However, I’m at work today so I can take a few moments to say ‘Happy New Year!’

We had another big year in 2006. Hannah started daycare, her first step out into the world on her own. She went from a crawling baby to a walking, talking toddler with a penchant for shiny shoes. I returned to work, moving out of the little cocoon of new motherhood and finding my feet again. Jon started his own production company, upNext Media, and is just cooking. I started my own little business, Skookum Baby Gear, and am spending money hand over fist. 😉

For 2007 we’re hoping for more of the same, I think. Just a continuation of this little life we’re building, full of all of the chaos of kids and jobs and business and friends and family. We’re finding our way throught this chaos, slowly but surely. Here’s hoping you all can, too.

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