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Big-Time Designer

As of today, my baby carriers are in stock at Belly & Beyond in Vancouver! Hannah and I make the trek out there through the snow, and delivered some baby carriers. Now, we’ll just wait to see what happens.

So far, I’ve learned that having your own business, however small, is a lot of work. However, it’s also a lot of fun, and very rewarding. There’s something so satisfying about building something. Sewing for others is most likely not a path to great riches, but it’s all mine. I get to pick the fabric, and design the brochures, and craft the company philosophy. It’s a control freak’s dream, so you just know I’m in heaven. I even have business cards that say ‘Designer’ on them – how cool is that? It’s my childhood fantasy to be a fashion maven come true, if in a slightly different way than I’d imagined.

I hope that everyone else who is stuck in our BC snow storm is staying warm and dry. We’re doing great around our house, especially now that the thaw is on. 😉

Craft Fair Recap

I had a great time at the Maternal Creations craft fair. I actually managed to come out of the event in the black, although only just. There were so many great things, I could easily have spent hundreds of dollars on pottery, clothes for Hannah, paintings, and on and on. Mostly, though, I met some really great people. The crafting community in Vancouver is simply fabulous, and the other mamas were such a supportive and warm group.

I feel very at home in this world. I cut my teeth, literally, at craft fairs. I am the child of an artisan, after all. Some of my earliest memories are of the events where my father displayed his handcrafted jewelry. The best part for a little kid was that there was just so much to see, and I saw that again with Hannah yesterday. She just loved to look, touch, and explore. And I loved to watch her. 🙂

Where Have I Been?

I realize that I’ve been completely neglectful. It’s because I’ve been working very hard on Skookum Baby. I’ll be attending my first event this weekend. I’m almost ready to go, but it’s down to the wire.

Where are the Babies?

Have you ever noticed how invisible television children are? I’ve been watching re-runs of Mad About You from the season where the baby was born. In many episodes, the baby is nowhere to be seen. All of the adults go out and do things, and there’s a playpen in the corner, but no baby ever appears. Of course I didn’t notice this when the original episodes aired 8 years ago, but it just doesn’t make sense.

I understand that in TV-land the babies are actors who can only be on set rarely. But as a mom, I have to say, my child is not an occasional prop that shows up once every 4 episodes. I guess that if you really start punching holes in TV plots there’s no place to stop, though, so I do my best to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy this magical world where babies disappear when they’re not needed.


Hannah loves the cat. Unfortunately for her, the feeling isn’t mutual. The best that Dorothy can offer is to temporarily tolerate the toddler’s attempts to be ‘nice’ to ‘catty-cat’. I believe that in a couple of years they’ll be the best of friends. I keep the faith because of rare moments like the one you see here:

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