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Baby Shoes

Even before I had a little girl, baby shoes made my knees week. They’re so hopelessly cute, in their perfect smallness. Now that I have a little girl, I’ve been indulging myself. Yesterday I bought these shoes, which just happen to be named ‘Gretchen’:

A couple of weeks ago I fell victim to the cutest little pair of baby blue clogs at a mall kiosk.

Hannah also has a pair of Stride Rites, which just happen to be named ‘Lauren’:
Wearing our new walking shoes, and playing with Mom's old ones

Every little girl has to have a pair of black patent-leather Mary Janes:

And we can’t forget the Robeez, which started it all. Have you seen those little peapods? To die for.

So, yes, my child is well-shod. I am not really a shoe person myself, but I definitely love the toddler versions. And there are so many lovely styles to choose from these days. What’s a well-meaning mother to do? Why, buy more shoes, of course!

Fun with Water

Here’s our evening tonight with Hannah. We learn something new everyday…


Three mornings ago Hannah came across a stuffed bear, which was actually a birthday gift from her great grandpa.  She saw it at the back of the toy drawer and yelled, “Baby!”  It took me a minute to figure out what she wanted.  I finally fished it out Hannah grabbed hold, and she has barely been separated from Baby ever since.

First thing in the morning I hear, “Where’s Baby?  Baby?  Baby!”  At bathtime, when Baby has to wait outside the tub, Hannah is upset.  Baby gets to sit on the potty, share Hannah’s food, and go to daycare.  Baby is now our most constant companion, and we love Baby the most.  Possibly more than the actual cat even, which is saying a lot.

Hannah and 'Baby' at 19 months
19-month-old Hannah and Baby

Talking, Talking, Talking

Hannah has a lot of words now, some of which are more intelligible than others.  She is learning more every day.  So far, it’s a lot of fun to hear her talk, and tell us what’s on her mind.  Here is a partial list of Hannah’s words:

  • Mama, Dada
  • yes, no
  • milk, water, eat
  • hat, shoes, socks (Hannah doesn’t like to see Jon in bare feet)
  • box (anything square, or anything that closes, is a ‘bok!’)
  • cat
  • belly button
  • eyes, ears, mouth, nose
  • please
  • go
  • hi, bye, see you
  • okay
  • dance
  • cracker
  • ball
  • me, mine
  • potty, pee
  • up, down
  • uh-oh
  • What is that? (all strung together into ‘wussisIS?’)
  • baby

Big Girl Bed

Hannah’s crib is gone.  Her room is still a work in progress, but here is evidence of the progress to date:

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