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With Hannah’s first birthday, I’ve been spending a lot of time remembering her arrival. Not so much the actual giving birth part, because nature has a marvelous way of making women forget. Rather, I’ve been remembering what happened after Hannah was born, while she was in the hospital.

I read a book on premature infants in the days after Hannah was born, and it said that birthdays can be very bittersweet for parents of preemies. What should have been a joyful time will always be linked in your memory with the worry, the confusion, and the medical interventions. That’s been true for me. For instance, I know that one year ago yesterday I came home, and one year ago tomorrow Hannah came home. I just keep re-living all of those events in my mind.

I know that I was very lucky, because Hannah was healthy. Her hospital stay was relatively short, and she did well once she came home. Today, she shows no signs of her early arrival. I also know that she will never remember how her first 6 days were spent in the Special Care Nursery, or being under the billi lights when she had jaundice, or how much her father scrambled to make sure that she had the things she needed. Her parents will never forget, though. We will always carry it with is, no matter how well it turned out.

One Year Old

Hannah is one year old today. We celebrated with the traditional cake-smashing and gift-opening. It was lovely, although the birthday girl was all partied out after a couple of hours.

Hannah has 7 teeth, and a lot of hair. She seems to be growing, but we won’t know the official numbers until her doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. We’re hoping that she’s big enough that we can turn her car seat around, so that she’s forward-facing.

Hannah is cruising around holding on to furniture, and loves to walk hanging off of her parents’ fingers. She can stand, but hasn’t tried to take any steps without something to hold on to. She ‘talks’ a lot, with noises and gestures. In the past couple of days she’s started shaking her head ‘no’, although she will continue to engage in forbidden activities. She also reaches out her hands to be picked up, and lunges in the direction of people or objects that she’s interested in.

Here is the final monthly photo, of our girl at 12 months old:

The birthday girl at 12 months old


Hannah finally has enough hair that I can style it. Today Hannah sported her first ponytail. Check it out:

Going for the camera


Hannah has completed her first week in daycare. It’s a rough transition for everyone, I’m afraid, but things are going much better now. Hannah’s favourite things:

1. Making new friends.
2. Visiting the toddler room.
3. ‘Reading’ books.
4. Playing outside.

Hannah’s not-so-favourites:

1. People leaving her, either parents or caregivers.
2. Having her diaper changed (gee, that’s the same at home :-)).
3. Naptime.

Everyone seems to think she’s doing well, so we’re hoping she continues. Mom and Dad, though, are a whole different story. 😉

Why do we carry so much stuff?

A very interesting article. Carrying a lot of crap everywhere I go is something that I’m extremely guilty of. Here’s a take…

It’s the perfect posture for the Age of Insecurity. We fret about our jobs, families, country, manhood or womanhood, ability to be a good parent. We believe someone is out to get us. And to get our things. So, like the homeless, we carry our stuff with us. Just in case something, or anything, happens.

The Washington Post Article

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