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I’ve been spending a lot of time lately sewing baby carriers. I am currently working on my 6th home-made carrier, and my 8th carrier in total. It’s very addicting, because each carrier has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a never-ending quest for the perfect collection. Also, when I find a carrier that’s great, being a woman I inevitably think, “Wouldn’t this look great in some different colours?”

The problem is that this gets both expensive and time-consuming. By itself that’s not so bad, but consider also that I don’t really like sewing. I always have at least one melt-down per project involving bad words and crying. The overall result is a husband who is not particularly happy about my obsessive quest, because it doesn’t make me that much fun to live with. The upside, though, is that I really do have a lot of great options for carting my growing kid around.

Playing Games

Hannah has learned how to play games. She plays peek-a-boo, ducking down and then standing up to show her face, over and over. She also plays chase, when she knows that you’re on her tail and starts crawling faster. I really see her personality emerging, as she’s able to engage in give-and-take activities with her parents.

Other new skills? Jumping on her crib mattress, pounding on objects to make rhythmic sounds, and dancing.


Hannah can stand on her own now, although she doesn’t really like to do it. If you distract her by handing her a toy, she will remain upright for 20-30 seconds before realizing that she’s been tricked, and dropping to the ground. You can see the distraction technique in action here:

Free-standing at 11 months

11 Months

Hannah is 11 months old today. She has seven teeth, her scar is healing nicely, and her stork bite is starting to lighten considerably.

Hannah’s physical skills continue to expand dramatically. In the past month Hannah has become an expert at pulling up and cruising around. She also walks by pushing objects around, or holding on to her parent’s hands. On a couple of occasions, Hannah has stood unsupported for 5-10 seconds, but no unsupported steps yet. Our little adventurer is also learning how to crawl backwards down stairs, which is great because it’s an important safety skill for a little person.

In the past month we signed up for daycare, had our railings replaced, and started making plans for my return to work. Lots of big things are happening at our house, for sure. The biggest, of course, is Hannah’s birthday, a scant 31 days away. Our baby is almost a toddler! 😀

And here is the traditional monthly photo:

Hannah at 11 months old


The railings are finished. The last person left our house at about 9:00pm Friday night. Jon and I have some touch-up work to do, but at this point the heavy lifting is over. I spent much of the day on Friday cleaning, and on Saturday I re-installed the baby gate, so the house is finally safe for Hannah once again. Renovating when you have a baby to chase around is definitely much more work!

Hannah Walks (with Help)

Hannah has been steadily improving her ability to get around. It’s something she would like to practice day and night if we’d just let her stay up long enough.

Here’s some video of her walking with the help of her Hungry Hippo. Uncle Aidan chose a very good present indeed 🙂

New Railings

After a week of sawdust and ‘baby who was mad because we wouldn’t let her touch power tools’, we have railings. Here are some pics.

Railings 1

Railings 2

Railings 3

Railings 4

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