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Christmas Recap

So, Hannah’s first Christmas season has come and gone. Here are a few stats:

Holiday brunches – 1
Family dinners – 2
Tastes of turkey – 1
Hours the Christmas tree was up for – 72
Hours spent driving – 4
Fancy new baby carriers – 2
Trips to the emergency room – 1

As with everything since I had a baby, I was forced to re-frame my views and expectations. I had some really great moments, but it was also more difficult and more stressful than it has ever been before. It’s a lot of work being the parents of a celebrity. 😛

Christmas Eve

Today we had a great time at Nan and Papa’s place for a Christmas Eve feast. Hannah also hit the mother-lode as her uber-cool aunt and uncle got her a ride-’em hungry hippo that eats blocks. Hannah is beginning to like this Christmas stuff.

Here’s some video of Hannah and Grandma Bea playing blocks on Christmas Eve.

Hannah on Hungry Hippo

10 Months

Hannah is 10 months old today. As of right now she has 5 teeth, with a 6th expected at any moment. She weighs over 19lbs, and has much more hair than she used to.

Hannah’s physical abilities continue to expand in leaps and bounds. After crawling last month, this month she’s concentrated on advanced skills. She can now climb up stairs, over low obstacles, and underneath furniture. Tonight, she managed to crawl up on to the lower shelf of our coffee table. Most of the new abilities are spurred on by the cat, who appears resigned to having her naps constantly interrupted. Hannah has even started cruising short distances while hanging on to furniture, as well as transferring her grip from one piece of furniture to another. The world is hers to discover these days.

This past month Hannah also completed her first swimming classes, had her first visit to the ER (for a face wound), and did a lot of holiday shopping. Ho ho ho!

Here is what our girl looks like at 10 months old, face wound at all:

Wounded at 10 months


Today was a very big day in our house. Firstly, it was Hannah’s final swimming class. You can see how she did:

However, today was also Hannah’s first trip to the ER. Baby is fine now, sleeping peacefully, but Mom is a bit of a wreck.

I was making lunch, Hannah was playing, and next thing you know she had a small puncture wound under her right eye. It looked a bit deep to me, and it’s on her face, so I took her to the ER. Luckily I had the presence of mind to bring my sandwich with me, because it was 2 1/2 hours before we were seen. They glued her wound shut, and told me it probably won’t scar too badly. Eep!

Flu Shots

Over the past few years, it seems, the flu shot has become all the rage. I myself have never received a flu shot, because I would never volunteer for a vaccination. However, I may be the only one.

Suddenly, it seems, I hear people talking about getting their flu shots, or not getting their flu shots, all the time. They will say things like, “I didn’t get sick last year, even though I forgot to get my flu shot.” The availability of flu vaccine even became an election issue in the US last year. I swear that five or six years ago I had never even heard of a flu shot, but now it’s so important that people can win and lose elections over it.

My company offers free flu shots to all employees. Last year, when I was pregnant, a co-worker stopped by to remind me to get mine. When I told him that I had no intention of getting a flu shot, he looked at me as if I were foolish, putting my baby at risk. I decided that I was no more likely to get the flu when I was pregnant, and that exposing my unborn child to something unknown seemed like a bad idea. Plus, I hate shots.

It’s just one of those cultural phenomena that slowly infiltrate our daily lives. Who knows what new thing will be commonplace five years from now?

Getting Things Done

The other night I was home for the first time in a long time. A large pile of things were overflowing in my inbox, the house wasn’t what you could call “slightly clean”, I was feeling a little frazzled and wanted to get some things done.

But then someone needed my help. She was on a mission to capture the cat, and needed Daddy to help make sure nobody got hurt. All too soon she will be too busy instant messenging her friends or going to the mall to need Daddy’s help nearly as much. We’ll just let that inbox pile sit a little bit longer.

Hannah getting the cat


We had a coating of the white stuff here in Coquitlam yesterday. Not much, but enough to cover the grass and make things look pretty. To celebrate, I dressed Hannah up in her snowsuit and took her out to see her first snow. Here she is, checking it out:

"Mom, I'm getting cold, enough pictures!"

I would say that overall, Hannah was unimpressed. Of course, she doesn’t really like being so bundled up, because it limits her mobility. Also, she’s too young to appreciate making snow angels, or snowmen, or any of the really good stuff about snow. We’re hoping that Santa brings a sled for Christmas, though, so maybe she’ll enjoy riding around in that on any snowy days ahead.

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