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Cold Season

Cold season started off with a bang at our house this week, as all three of us came down with roaring cases of the sniffles. Luckily, we have all emerged out the other side none the worse for wear, although I did have a couple of nights of interrupted sleep. I’m sure that you will all be glad to hear that Hannah is back to her charming self, though, and sleeping like a little angel.

Speaking of our little angel, we had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and she weighed in at 17lbs,12oz. Grow, Hannah, grow!

Pretty Face!

Jon posted a new video of Hannah. I might be biased, but I think it’s pretty flipping cute. Check it out!

Happy Birthday Jon!

Today is Jon’s birthday. This is always a big day for me, because each year this is the day that he ‘catches up’ to me in age. Whereas being older than him was cool when I turned 16 or 19, it is no longer so much fun. As of today, though, we’re back to being the same age for the next 7 1/2 months. Yay! 🙂

And, oh yeah, happy birthday Sweetie! 😉


Today Hannah cut her first tooth. It is her lower left front tooth, and it’s really, really sharp. You can’t really see the tooth, but you can sure feel it.

We also put Hannah on the waiting list for daycare today. This was a much bigger deal for Mom and Dad than it was for Baby. In any case, she should be all set when I go back to work in March.

Seven Months Old

Hannah is seven months old today. Here is the traditional photo:

Hannah continues to grow and change so quickly that we can’t keep up. She’s very quick now to grab things, so we have to be ever-watchful, and we have to keep dangers sufficiently far away. Hannah continues to be extremely outgoing, and loves to meet new people and see new things. She is smiling more, and laughing more, and crying less. She is also better able to settle herself down and eat when we’re out and about, which is fabulous for Jon and I. Unfortunately, though, Hannah is finding car trips more difficult.

In the past month, Hannah started solid food, visited Parksville, and discovered grass and sand. She managed to grab the cat for the first time, and luckily Dorothy just winced and made her escape. Every day, Hannah’s own personality and preferences are coming through, and Jon and I are just having so much fun.

Fabulous Baby Gear

Since I became a mom, I spend my money on different things. Why buy yourself clothes when you can buy tiny pink pants for the baby? I mean, really?

Currently, my favourite websites are all about fabulous baby gear. Some of my haunts are wrap slings, like the EllaRoo and the Storchenweige. I also love Robeez shoes. And what life would be complete without great clothes?

Let’s just hope my bank account holds up its end of the bargain. 😉

Welcome Emma!

Our friends Heather and Steve welcomed baby Emma yesterday evening. The new arrival weighed in at 6lbs, 8oz, and measured 19 inches long. Heather gave birth naturally, after 12 hours of labour and 45 minutes of pushing. Mom and baby are home, and breastfeeding seems to be starting out well.

Welcome to the world, baby Emma!

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