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Yesterday we fed Hannah solilds for the first time. After doing extensive research, I settled on sweet potatoes as her first food. Because I don’t actually eat sweet potatoes myself, I accidentally bought yams instead. I decided those were close enough, and maybe actually better, and baked up a yam for Hannah.

After two tries, yesterday and today, the jury is still out. Hannah is way more interested in playing with the bowl and spoon than actually eating. When we put the food in her mouth she just looks sort of confused. I’m going to give the yams a final try tomorrow, and then if she’s still not impressed, we’ll try a different food in a few days. Maybe she doesn’t like yams, and maybe she’s just not ready for solids.


Hannah loves to chew on paper. Cardboard bookmarks, magazines, and flyers all feel her wrath. Apparently this is a fairly common thing amongst the infant set. Before I had a baby, I sort of wondered what kind of parent allows their child to chew on paper. Now I know–this kind of parent. 😉

Second Wind

Does anybody else find that when they’ve been tired all day, that they miraculously get a second wind around bedtime? Nobody in our house slept all that well last night, so I was fighting to keep my eyes open all evening long. But now, as I’m about to jump into bed, I feel surprisingly awake. What’s the deal with that?

6 Month Shots

We took Hannah in for her 6 month shots today, which was No Fun. She is taking a long nap now to recover. The good news, though, is that she now weighs in at a whopping 17lbs, 2oz. Such a big girl!

Yesterday we attended a lunch at my mom’s church, where Hannah met Auntie Delores. Here are a couple of photos from that event:

Lunching with Great Grandma and Auntie Delores

Hannah laughing at 6 months

Six Months Old

Hannah is six months old today. Here is the traditional photo:

Sitting tall at 6 months

In the past month Hannah has really changed. She’s losing that newborn look, and getting very long. Her temperament seems to be maturing, and she’s much calmer than she used to be. She’s also honed her physical skills. She can sit unsupported for several minutes at a time, she manipulates objects well, and she can stand holding on to furniture. Every day, Hannah is just more and more fun.

This month, Hannah started going to bed earlier. This is great, because it gives me an hour or so to myself after she goes to bed. She is also really teething in earnest. We’re taking bets on when that first tooth will finally appear. 🙂


Hannah is an extremely observant baby. She notices absolutely everything, and she doesn’t want to miss out on anything. It’s sort of amazing, really, the way that she is completely awed by a lit sign at night, or a yellow truck driving by. She is seeing everything for the first time, and she’s just drinking it all in.

Of course, there are drawbacks. Hannah doesn’t eat hardly at all outdoors, and she definitely doesn’t sleep when we’re visiting. The slightest sound will put her off whatever she’s doing. Jon can’t even sit beside me on the couch when she’s nursing anymore, because she’d rather look at him than concentrate on the task at hand.

Luckily, Hannah will only be this small once. Soon enough, all of the little things that we take for granted will not be nearly so fascinating. I’m trying to remember this, and enjoy the wonder while it lasts.

Pet Peeves

Since Hannah arrived, I find myself looking back with distaste. Things that I said, things that I did, and beliefs that I held pre-baby now seem ridiculous, irritating, or just plain silly. Of course, I expected this sort of thing to happen. Any change as life-shattering as becoming a parent is bound to shake things up a little. However, I don’t think I could ever have predicted what would become my new pet peeves.

Here are some of things that I have come to hate since becoming a mom:

1. The ‘Baby Whisperer’ show – I can’t stand watching babies cry while their parents try to teach them to sleep. I’m not judging anyone’s choices, I just get enough baby crying at home, thank-you-very-much.

2. Baby dolls with baby bottles – Why would we teach all little children that milk comes from a bottle, when most new moms breastfeed?

3. The phrases ‘making strange’ and ‘playing strange’ – Infants who prefer their primary caregivers are going through a normal developmental stage. They are not ‘making’ or ‘playing’ anything–they don’t even have bladder control, for crying out loud.

4. My soaker tub – This is lovely to bathe in yourself, but I can’t bathe Hannah in there yet, because I can’t reach over the sides to support her.

5. Lazy elevator riders – If you are in a wheelchair, are pushing a stroller, or have mobility problems, take the elevator. If you are 16 years old and talking on your cell phone, do not attempt to cram in. Take the escalator–it’s really no more work on your part.

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