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Little Charmer

Hannah is spending more of the day awake, and becoming much more aware of the world around her. As this happens, she is charming the pants off of friends, relatives, and perfect strangers alike. This morning at church no less than 5 people were crouched down around her carrier, as she looked back at them and kicked her feet. Luckily she loves to look at faces!

Three Months Old

My daughter is three months old today. To celebrate, I took the traditional monthly photo:

A little under the weather at 3 months

In the past month Hannah has gained about a pound and a half. She started sleeping through the night (for the most part). She has started smiling, and making cooing noises. She turns her gaze towards interesting noises, and can follow objects with her eyes. She also had her first virus, which is thankfully subsiding now. Our little girl is just more fun with every passing day.

Big Girl

Hannah had a doctor’s appointment today, and she weighed in at 12lbs. This puts her in the 50th percentile for 3 month olds, which means that she’s average weight for her birth date, even though she was only 5lbs, 4oz when she was born.

Unfortunately, Hannah also had her first cold today. She was grumpy and sleepy last night, and then this morning she had a fever. It resolved itself when I gave her some Tylenol, and she’s feeling much better now. The doctor checked her ears and listened to her chest, and said that everything appeared normal, so that was reassuring. It seems like we have a pretty normal kid at this point, and we don’t have to go back in for another two months.

Brilliant Baby

Last night Hannah slept a full 5-hour stretch–the medical definition of ‘sleeping through the night’ for an infant. Then she only woke up once to eat. It was marvelous. I got 8 full hours of sleep in two stretches, with a brief interruption at 6am when I had to go check on her for my own sanity. 🙂

Hannah has really been sleeping well for a baby her age. For the longest time, she has been going 4 to 4 1/2 hours at a stretch during the night, and she pretty much always wakes up twice to eat. As last night shows, it might not even be much longer that she’s waking up twice. I have to say, my baby is just brilliant. 😉

New Video

Just got back from another successful road trip to Kelowna. Third trip in the last two weeks to cover the Rockets in the WHL playoffs. We had a great crew and great shows, but it was a little hard to be away from our little girl.

New video taken on May 3rd. It’s amazing to see the difference between the three week video and now what is almost three months.

See the video here:

Baby Smiles 2

Hannah has started smiling, for sure. She only smiles at me so far, which shows that she knows what’s good for her. 😉 When she smiles, she opens her mouth wide and scrunches up her eyes. It’s very endearing. She mostly does it in the morning, too, which is more proof that she knows what’s good for her. After a long evening trying to get her to sleep, and then a couple of night-feedings, a smiling baby in the morning does make it seem worthwhile.

Hannah has also started making some distinct sounds, other than grunts and cries. Her repertoire is pretty limited so far, but every day she’s doing more. I am beginning to have hope that she will grow into an actual person, who can do actual things. And I’m really excited to watch it. 🙂


Hannah loves to be held, particularly when she’s awake. Although she will occasionally tolerate being put down in her swing, on her activity mat, or in her crib with her mobile, you get 5-10 minutes at best using these tactics. This is great if you want to brush your teeth or wolf down a bowl of cereal, but it’s not so hot if you need to do anything else.

Out of desparation, I resorted to my Maya Wrap sling. I had tried using the sling a couple of times in the baby lying-down position. I wasn’t comfortable, Hannah wasn’t comfortable, and it just didn’t work well for us. But as soon as I tried her in the vertical position, we were hooked. Similar to the Baby Bjorn, the vertical position holds Hannah upright, facing in to my chest. But unlike the Baby Bjorn, there’s nothing between her and me, and she’s really snuggled in tight. She loves it, and will sleep comfortably this way for hours.

Tonight, we were feeling a little grumpy. So, I put her in the sling. We were still feeling grumpy, so I vacuumed the family room. The combination of movement, snuggling in the sling, and the vacuum motor did the trick. Out like a light at 9:00pm. Magic, and I have some clean carpets. 🙂

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