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Easter Photo

What little girl doesn’t need an Easter basket bigger than she is?

Hannah contemplates her first Easter basket

Jon is off to cover game 3 of the Giants playoff series against Kelowna tonight. Wish him luck!


Hannah’s first Easter is over now. It was a time of many firsts for our baby. Her first holiday, her first trip to church, her first family dinner (on both sides), her first visit to Abbotsford. She pretty much didn’t notice any of them, or if she did, she was unimpressed. Everyone around her was more than excited on her behalf, though, so it all worked out.

Speaking of which, Hannah is now the best-dressed kid in Coquitlam, I think. Being the first grandchild, and the first great-grandchild, has its perks. Friends and relations from all quarters have been so generous with their gifts. Our daughter is one very lucky little girl, that much is for sure.

Last Day of Work

Today was supposed to be my last day of work. I wanted to work right up until the end of the pregnancy, and Hannah’s due date is still 9 days away. I had it all planned out how I could use vacation time ,and get paid up until the last day of March, and then start maternity leave on April 1. Of course, things didn’t work out as planned. But you know what, a beautiful baby girl more than makes up for that.

Today we had another midwife visit, and Hannah weighed in at a whopping 8lbs, 1oz. She looks and acts more like a full-term baby all the time. She’s growing out of her preemie clothes, and she fits into all of her cute 0-3 month outfits. So, the kid is doing really well. I did tell her, though, that if she weighs 10lbs on her due date, she may just be an only child. 😉


Before Hannah was born, nothing struck fear into my heart like the sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby. I don’t do well without a full night’s rest. String a couple of nights of poor sleep together, and it’s not a pretty picture. I really worried about what sort of a zombie I would be when my baby came home.

Overall, I have to say that it’s not nearly as bad as I expected. Part of the reason is that Jon is a great help. Every night he gives her a bottle of breastmilk, so that I can get 4 hours of sleep at one stretch. However, I also have to say that so far, Hannah is a pretty complacent baby. I haven’t seen her cry for no reason even once, let alone for hours in the middle of the night. Of course, preemies are generally quieter babies, and we’re not at her due date yet, so things could change.

All the same, once in a while we do have a bad night. Last night was one of those nights. First of all, Hannah decided that she was so hungry, that her bottle alone wouldn’t cut it, so I didn’t get my four hour stretch of sleep in. After I fed her, she did go down for about 3 hours, which was great. She woke up at 5:30, and I fed her, but she wouldn’t go back down. She wasn’t crying, but she wasn’t sleeping either. I fed her some more, she stayed up some more, and finally Jon got up with her and I got another hour of sleep before we were ready to go for the day.

Good thing that the kid is cute, is all I have to say.

One Month Old

My daughter is one month old today. To celebrate, I reorganized her photos, and added a new album to chronicle her growth each month. Here’s the first shot, at one month old:

Hannah at 1 month old

Having a baby does weird things to time. At first, it felt as if time was passing very slowly. Things that seemed as if they happened two weeks ago had actually happened only two days ago. I think that this was because so much was going on. We had so many visitors, we were trying to sort out so much stuff, the days were all just packed. Plus, having a baby brings about a weird shift in your consciousness, so that you don’t really think the same way anymore. This shifts your perception of time as well.

Today, though, I realize that time passes all too quickly. My baby is one month old already. Soon she will be walking, going to kindergarten, driving a car. I will be looking at her old clothes, and marvelling that she was ever that tiny, instead of looking at the clothes that she hasn’t grown into yet, and wondering how she will ever be that big. I’m not sad that she’ll grow up, but I’m sort of sad that I don’t have time to integrate it all. Things change before I can even get a grip on them, before I can understand the experience.

Already, things have changed. In the past month Hannah has gained 2 pounds, gained a lot of strength in her neck and back, gained the ability to cry actual tears, and started focusing her eyes on objects and people. She isn’t even supposed to be born yet, and she’s already meeting or exceeding the abilities of an average newborn. I can only imagine the changes that I will see in the months ahead.


We visited the midwives today, so that we could weigh Hannah. I’m always nervous about if she’s getting enough to eat, and gaining enough weight.

At the last appointment 8 days ago, she weighed about 6lbs. The goal for babies is to gain about an ounce a day, so we were hoping that she would weigh at least 6lbs, 8oz today. However, she weighed in at a whopping 7lbs even! So, obviously, the kid is getting enough to eat.

I’m a little worried about the size of future babies. If Hannah continues to gain 2oz a day, that means that on her due date she will weigh a little over 9lbs. Add in the weight that she lost at birth, and she would be closer to 9 1/2 lbs. That’s a big, big baby. Should we start taking odds on what her weight will be on April 5? That’s three days after her due date, and the date of our last appointment with the midwives.

Mama Guilt

My baby now cries real tears. This is a developmental step for her, because until a day or two ago, she couldn’t actually produce tears. I suppose that this is all a good sign that her physical development is progressing normally.

She doesn’t always produce tears when she cries. For instance, the poop-related fussiness that all babies have doesn’t result in any wetness around the eyes. The occasional shriek of anger when you aren’t holding her ‘properly’ doesn’t result in tears. However, when she’s really angry, she really cries.

So far, the tears have been associated with diaper changes. Hannah hates diaper changes. I have to change her diaper, but nothing makes me feel worse than seeing her little tears when I’m wiping her bum. I hope these change-related histrionics dissipate soon, because I can’t take the guilt, frankly.

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