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What’s Up?

I haven’t been writing here as regularly. You can blame it a few of the following factors:
1. I have the third trimester grumpies.
2. Work has been busy, so I’ve had to actually spend my time at work, well, working.
3. The snow left me feeling like holing up and not communicating.
4. I am starting to nest, and I spend the free time I do have in associated activities.

Excuses aside, though, I’m here now. Here’s what’s new with me:
– We received a lovely ‘Portsmouth F.C.’ jersey for the baby, from William. It’s the first new outfit our baby has received, and we just love it.
– We visited our financial planner, and learned that we aren’t in such dire straits after all. So, we decided we can afford to keep the kid. 😉
– I started baby shopping. So far I have purchased 6 receiving blankets, 8 baby washcloths, and 4 of those baby undershirt thingies.
– I passed off the Brownie books to one of the other leaders. One small step on the road to freedom (or indentured servitude to a very small person).
– I am really enjoying prenatal yoga.
– One of Jon’s co-workers passed away, under very difficult circumstances. Jon is understandably very upset. We’re trying to do what we can to come to terms with it, and help out.

Enough Winter

We have now had over a week of real ‘Winter’ here in the Lower Mainland. We are all tired of it. It’s supposed to end Sunday or Monday, which is just too long for us wimpy West Coasters. Bring back the rain! We understand the rain! Given how much our home assessments went up, all this snow is just adding insult to injury. Why pay a premium to live in Lotusland, when it’s frozen over?

I have been feeling increasingly distracted lately. This kid is big, and can give me some right good jabs. Many times a day, my stomach feels like it’s just dropped out from under me. It’s kind of like the feeling you get on a roller coaster, only you’re not on a roller coaster. You’re in a meeting, attempting to have a professional conversation, and unexpectedly you get the sensation that you’ve fallen off of a cliff. Eep!

Hospital Tour

Jon and I took our hospital tour today. The hospital in Maple Ridge was small, but nice. We’ve decided that we will definitely have our baby there, and we filled out all of our pre-admission paperwork. The nurse who gave the tour was nice, and they seem pretty flexible in their policies, so we thought it was great.

I was thinking that there might be a lot of people on the tour, since they run them every two weeks. A lot of people would have held off over the holidays. Still, there were about a dozen expecting women, and their hangers-on. The hospital staff were quite surprised, so you know that it was unusual. Also, most of the women there were due very soon–one was even due today. It kind of surprised me, really, that you would leave it so late to decide where you’re delivering and fill out the paperwork.

I am 28 weeks today, so we took a new picture. You can see it here.

Baby Butt

My baby likes to stick his or her little butt out, on my right side. I attempt to move it, and it sort of works. Inevitably Babycakes settles back into the favoured butt-out position after a few minutes. It becomes sort of uncomfortable, to have this baby butt sticking out of your abdomen like that. There’s not much that I can do about it, though. I just hope that my stomach returns to a roughly symmetrical shape after the baby comes.

My books tell me that the baby is about 10 inches long from crown to rump, or 14 1/2 inches from head to toe. Babycakes weighs in at a whopping 2 1/4 pounds. The eyes are totally open now, and the baby has eyelashes. Apparently, the baby will turn towards a bright source of light. I sense some fun with a flashlight in my future. 🙂

Snowfall Warning

If you have ever lived in Southwestern BC, you know how the words ‘Snowfall Warning’ strike fear into the hearts of the populace. People buy up everything they can find at Home Depot, just to prepare. After all, you never can tell what will happen in a snowstorm, and a new wheelbarrow may be very handy in a pinch. Plus, they’re out of snow shovels.

When I woke up this morning, snow was falling. Overnight we had accumulated what could best be termed a ‘dusting’. You could see the green grass through the thin layer of snow. So, I decided that this was no big deal, and headed to work. I left 5 minutes early, because of the weather. This turned out to be completely delusional.

My commute normally takes 35 minutes, and this morning it took an hour and twenty minutes. We crept along at 20 km/h. There were no accidents, and the roads were fairly clear, mind you. It was collective panic at its very finest, and we were all along for the ride. Because, honestly, there is no other choice, there is no better route, and you just need to tough the whole thing out.

I’m going to see if I make the trip in to work tomorrow. There is supposed to be some thawing and freezing, and the snow is supposed to continue. This means ice on all of the unplowed streets, and I don’t know that my little Civic is up for it. I also don’t know if my blood pressure can take another commute like the one that I experienced this morning.

Oven Adventures

Here are some things that I learned recently:
– excessive gunk in the bottom of your oven will not ‘burn off’ with normal use
– excessive gunk in the bottom of your oven can cause a grease fire if you use the self-clean feature
– once you turn the self-clean off, the grease fire will expire quickly on its own, if it isn’t too big
– all the books say not to use Easy-Off in self-cleaning ovens
– if you give your oven a quick once-over with some baking soda and hot water, the self-clean feature works beautifully
– cats are no help when doing household chores

Just One

Over the holidays, I’ve started fielding questions like, “When are you due?” Or, “How far along are you?” When I tell people, they look visibly shocked. Then I get questions like, “Are you sure there’s just one in there?” Or, “Did the doctor say that it was going to be a big baby?”

I explain that I had an ultrasound, and it showed a single, average-sized baby. I also explain that being short-waisted does make me look more pregnant, since my baby’s the same size as the babies many taller women are carrying. At this point, some people nod sagely, and others look skeptical. I think that their own experience carries more weight than my opinion does, in most cases.

I’m very glad that I had the ultrasound, because otherwise I think I would be worried about this. I know that my own mother’s doctor told her that I would be an unusually large baby, or possibly twins, although I was completely average-sized. Sometimes technology does great things for your peace of mind.

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