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Bad Day

Today we had a midwife appointment. That actually went well. Otherwise, this was just not a good day at our house. Nothing seemed to work, no one could connect, all that stuff.

First, we had plans to go out Abbotsford to see my mom and set up her new computer, which was supposed to arrive two days ago. It still isn’t there, so we had to cancel that. A big boo goes out to Purolator on that front.

Second, we visited Canadian Tire to buy a new aerobed, since apparently my pregnant self is difficult to sleep with. Once we got the bed home we realized that the automatic pump was a 12V car plug, instead of the 120V wall plug–no good. When we went in to exchange it, they didn’t have a suitable replacement. So, we have to order one on-line, which means another week of poor sleep for Jon.

Finally, this evening I installed Microsoft Money. We want to keep better track of our finances, with a baby on the way and all that. However, we discovered that our bank, TD Canada Trust, doesn’t work with Money 2005. Apparently both sides have known about this problem for nearly 4 months now, and no progress. We’ll have to call Microsoft tomorrow and ask for a refund, since they promised that they supported downloads from TD. Blech.

In an attempt to not be a total downer, here are the stats from the midwife:
Pregnancy date – 26 weeks, 5 days
Fundal height – 28 cm (should equal the number of weeks, +/- 2cm)
My weight – Pre-pregnancy + 22 pounds
Baby’s heartrate – 148 bpm
Baby’s position – Head down, nestled into my right side (the same as before)

Christmas at our House

Christmas is pretty much over at our house. We spent Christmas Eve with my family, and Christmas Day with Jon’s family.

Of all the major holidays, I think that Christmas is the most about family. This year we were all very aware of the changes that will come to our family in the months ahead. Next Christmas, there will be a new little person at our holiday table. All of our traditions will be new and more meaningful, with a small child in our midst. And things will be much, much noisier. 🙂

Merry Christmas

At 5 minutes to Christmas I want to wish you and yours a peaceful and Happy Holiday.

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve in our house, and I have a cake in the oven. All the presents are wrapped and under the tree. Things are going well. I hope that everyone else also has a peaceful holiday, filled with lots of chocolate.

My books tell me that the baby weighs nearly 1 3/4 pounds, and is 13 to 14 inches long from head to toe. From crown to rump the baby is 9 1/4 inches long. Apparently, at this stage in the pregnancy the baby can respond to touch. I still get no reaction from my pokes and prods, though.

Breathe Right

I’ve discovered that one of the joys of pregnancy is increased nasal congestion. Apparently it’s normal to feel and sound as if you have a cold much of the time. Of course, the downside to all of this is that breathing through your nose becomes increasingly difficult, especially at night. So, unfortunately, I snore pretty much all the time now.

In an effort to save my husband from sleep deprivation, and myself from permanently chapped lips, I decided to give those Breathe Right nose strips a try. The verdict is in, and we have a winner. I am breathing much better, and I understand that my snoring has diminished substantially. We’re investing in a jumbo pack next time we’re at the store.

I will be frank, and say that when I’m actually sick and not pregnant, a good shot of Nyquil works far better. However, I wouldn’t want to have to take that sort of thing every night for three months straight, even if I weren’t pregnant. And being pregnant makes it unsafe in any case. So, it’s the linebacker look for me. 🙂

I’m still alive

Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted in the blog. I guess my contribution as of late has been cleaning out the comment spam. I’ve even read books that should be reviewed, and Amber’s pregnancy has certainly become a central fixture in our lives. I guess I do have things to say.

But it’s Christmas, and I’d really like a cookie and a cup of tea. So Happy Holidays to one and all.

Human Vessel

Being pregnant is a strange experience. You somehow become communal property, because you’re this symbol of humanity, fertility, and new life. If you eat a snack, visit the bathroom, or carry your own groceries in from the car you can expect comments. People who rarely speak with you ask, with significance, “How are you?” Others feel free to touch pregnant women, patting their heads, shoulders, or bellies.

On the one hand, I can appreciate the concern and caring exhibited by everyone around me. People are treating me really well. On the other hand, the whole thing is quite seriously off-putting. Really, I don’t need others to comment on whether the book I’m carrying is too heavy or not. I’m also not a very touchy-feely person in the first place, so the increased physical contact just isn’t welcome.

So, here’s my little public service announcement: Don’t grab pregnant women, tell them they’re glowing, or comment on their food choices. You can ask to touch their belly, but you need to respect their response. Normal rules of ettiquette and personal space also apply to pregnant women, after all. Interest is welcome, caring questions are welcome. Judgement and grabby-hands are kind of rude. And that pregnant glow? It’s the increased perspiration. 😉

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