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It’s Alive!

My reading tells me that the baby is now 5 1/2 inches long crown-to-rump, and weighs in at a whopping 7 ounces. That means that the baby’s body weight has increased by 40% over the 5 ounces he or she weighed last week. I can definitely feel the difference, too.

The baby’s movements are stronger all the time. I find myself distracted frequently, because in the middle of whatever I’m doing I feel a little jab or kick. The movements are moving up higher in my abdomen, as my uterus grows. In fact, I just felt a little poke right below my belly button, whereas earlier flutters were about 3 inches lower. So far they’re not uncomfortable, and they’re not strong enough to wake me up at night, which is good.

My ‘bad mom’ confession is that prior to my pregnancy, the idea of a living being moving around inside my abdominal cavity kind of freaked me out. It’s all so very Alien, you know, something gestating inside of your body. But now that I can feel the movements, I really like them. They make me smile, and give me reassurance that everything’s all right. I enjoy feeling how my baby’s getting bigger and stronger all the time. Grow, baby, grow!

Wacky Symptoms

When I got pregnant, there were some symptoms I expected. For example:

– weight gain
– mood swings
– morning sickness
– food cravings and aversions

But, there are a bunch more symptoms that I have that I didn’t expect. For example:

– nasal congestion
– memory loss
– nosebleeds
– super-sensitive taste buds

Any and all of these, it turns out, can be normal. However, I fail to see what purpose nosebleeds serve for my health, or the health of the baby. I suppose that pregnancy hormones are like any drug, and they have their side effects. Some of which, as it turns out, are truly bizarre.

Ignore the Advice

Since I’ve been pregnant, everyone’s been saying:

People will give you lots of advice, and tell you lots of horror stories. Just ignore them.

The same people frequently go on to say:

You really should (do such-and-such). When (I/my wife) was pregnant, (this horrible thing) happened. I would hate to see it happen to you.

I have come to the conclusion that what everyone really means is:

Everyone out there is full of baloney, except for me. So, you should ignore them, because they’ll just scare and confuse you. But I, I will show you the light, and share valuable cautionary tales.

As for me, I realize that people are trying to help, and for the most part I’m genuinely interested in their stories. What I’m not so interested in, though, is input intended to change my mind. I’ve carefully considered my decisions, I really have, and insinuating that I haven’t isn’t helpful. However, telling me how great your kids are, or how everything you encountered in pregnancy and childbirth was totally worth it, is very helpful.

Major Breakthrough

Yesterday, I visited Thyme Maternity to purchase some new undergarments. Because their undergarments are quite expensive, I qualified for a free bottle of shower gel with my purchase. It seems there is big money in feeding off of the fears of pregnant ladies, because the maternity cosmetics thing is huge. Stretch mark creams, smoothing gels, all that sort of thing.

Perhaps you, like me, initially thought that this was just an ordinary bottle of shower gel, re-packaged for the maternity market. If so, you were terribly wrong. In fact, this is none other than the first shower gel specifically designed for pregnant women. Jon posited that the major difference was a bigger bottle, but no. As far as I can tell, the major difference is a smaller bottle with a bigger price tag. And a ‘refreshing citrus aroma.’

It’s amazing that we didn’t all know about this major scientific breakthrough. Pregnant lady shower gel. I would let others try it, but I have no idea what effects it would have a non-pregnant woman, let alone a man.

Google Desktop Search

In my web travels I’ve tried something new that is so neat, I had to give it a mention.

Google has released an application called Google Desktop Search. Basically what is does is index everything on your hard drives and makes it all searchable through the Google interface in your web browser. The information on your hard disk doesn’t go out to the world at large, but you can locally search everything as quickly as you would do a normal Google search.

The program indexes every email, every webpage you visit, every Microsoft Office file, and what I really enjoy is every MP3 on your system. So if you have a huge music collection on your hard drive and are looking for a particular song, just enter it in the desktop search function and there you go.

It’s free, and I heartily recommend it.

Download the Google Desktop Search here.

Talking to Myself

Now that I’m feeling the baby move more and more, and I’m getting bigger, I’m also talking to the baby more. I often tell the baby what ‘we’ are up to, or ask the child to lay off my bladder until I can make it to the bathroom. The problem with this is that people occasionally overhear my quiet comments, and ask what I just said. I generally tell them I’m just talking to myself, but I’m not sure if that leaves a better or a worse impression than if they know I’m talking to my baby.

My reading tells me that the baby is now 5 inches long, crown-to-rump, and weighs about 5 ounces. I understand that the skeleton is hardening, and hearing is developing. I am still not really showing, I’m mostly just bloated. I think that in the next few weeks that will change, though.

French Fries

Since I got pregnant, my tastes are no longer my own. The former Amber, who enjoyed chocolate and ice cream, has been replaced by the pregnant Amber, who just loves french fries. Not that I didn’t like them before, but I don’t know that I’ve ever really craved them.

For your non-pregnant pleasure, here are my recent food cravings and aversions.

Chicken McNuggets (only mechanically-separated chicken for me)
French Fries
Mashed Potatoes
Peanut Butter and Honey
Refried Beans

Green Beans
Chicken Grills (from M&M Meat Shops)
Leafy Green Vegetables (unless it’s a caesar salad)
Roasted Chickens (the kind you get at Safeway)

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